The combined ages of the 3 Gluttonians is……. A SECRET;) The eldest is working but seems like she’s on holiday all the time, the other is involved in social work and the last is happily slaving at work!

Gluttonian 1: The eldest of the 3, she is the most sheepish and childish yet serious and ferocious of them all. Her ability to alternate between a matured and sophisticated lady to a whiny, playful girl in a matter of seconds has confounded her younger sisters all their lives, keeping them on their toes. Despite this highly unusual behaviour, Gluttonian 1 commands a high respect in the eyes of the 2 younger Gluttonians.

Gluttonian 2: The middle child and the tamest one, she has the purest of heart and the wisdom of a sage (compared to the other 2). She loves to sing and has been blown a kiss not once BUT TWICE by Michael Buble while attending his concert (or so she claims).

Gluttonian 3: The youngest of the lot and also the creator of this blog!  Was scarred in childhood by the crazy antics of her eldest sister, but has since learnt to appreciate the wild side of Gluttonian 1. A lover of many things, she has been labelled a Jack of all trades. She loves sports and supports Manchester United and is also a major tennis nut (for Nadal mostly). Has a weakness for all things rice!;]


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