Food in the French Open Capital – Paris

Every year, in the last days of May leading up to the start of June all eyes tend to turn towards Paris. Really? Well, at least that is what many tennis loving individuals will tell you;) Why? That is because the French Open, also know as Roland Garros, is usually held during this period, attracting the best tennis players from around the world as well as a strong following of dedicated international fans who want nothing more than to catch the LIVE action of Tennis’ second Grand Slam tournament of the year.

If you are a tennis fan deciding on a travel destination during the June school break period, Paris is a destination you can’t miss:) Besides all the great live action tennis, the food is a hot attraction too, especially the offerings of sweet treats and pastries available! If you are currently in the city of Paris and wondering what bites to grab, here are some food places I visited during my trip in 2015.


Desserts and Pastries


Came across this dessert place as I was walking along the streets of Rue du Bac after lunch. The beautiful displays and visual colours of their macarons drew me in. I spotted the Macaviar, tiny tiny sized macarons, and I just couldn’t resist getting a tin for myself. They were so cute and pretty! The Macaviar seemed like the perfect charming little gift item too:)

IMG_0769My minion Neville Hula Grassbottom checking out the tiny macarons that were as big as him.IMG_0688IMG_0772

The brand also has a restaurant and dessert outlet at Rue des Moines. Their offerings of cakes and pastries I see on social media are just so pretty and colourful.

SHOP: Acide Macaron
SPIED AT: 10 Rue du Bac, Paris




Stumbled across this lovely deli while walking along the streets of Avenue des Ternes. When in Paris, you should walk. You never know what nice shops you might come across!

This store has almost everything! Salads, cold cuts, sauces, cheese, pastries, bread, cakes, quiches… I was absolutely spoilt for choice and almost bought up the whole store. One of the highlights was the cold ratatouille, it was so so good!




SHOP: Maison Pou
SPIED AT: 16 Avenue des Ternes, 75017 Paris
OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Fri 9.30am to 7.00pm and Sat 9.00am to 7.00pm
CONTACT: 01 43 80 19 24



Lovers of ice cream please divert your full attention to me right now. If you are in Paris, you HAVE to try Berthillon Ice Cream, you won’t regret it. My cousin told me that I had to try this ice cream place when I was in Paris and I am forever thankful for that tip.

There is an assortment of flavours available at Berthillon, both ice creams and sorbets, so I am sure you will be able to find one that pleases your taste preference. From the exterior it looks like your average simple looking ice cream, how good can it be right? But the taste of each flavour is just so fresh and genuine, one lick and it just awakens the senses of your tastebuds. It’s just something about their flavours, so yummy and familiar yet different. I would have to say the best ice cream i’ve tried yet. The queues at their stores are self-evident of the popularity and tastiness of their ice creams . I thought only Singaporeans queued for food but at Berthillon I found out so do Parisians;)

IMG_0737Even my ice cream is drooling! IMG_0642Flavour BoardIMG_0645Pricing BoardIMG_0632IMG_0633The queue stretched across the length of many stores, beyond the frame of the picture!

There were a few Berthillon outlets in the exact same area and all of them were packed with queues. The picture below is just across the street from the outlet I was queuing at, and there was another one across the street on the left as well. When I first reached the area I was indeed a little confused as I wasn’t sure if they were all one and the same store. In the end I assumed that one is the main dine-in branch with more offerings besides icecream, while the others were perhaps smaller stores with few seatings and the take away counters for those who came specifically to grab one cone and go – aka moi:)


SHOP: Berthillon
SPIED AT: 29-31 rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, 75004 Paris
OPERATING HOURS: Wed – Sun 10.00am to 7.00pm Mon- Tue Closed
CONTACT:01 43 54 31 61





IMG_0452This delightful cosy French restaurant was also a recommendation by my cousin. I really enjoyed the cosy setting and simple yet delicious fare here. Service was also friendly which was nice. For me, good friendly service is a nice luxury for foreigners in Paris as it is hard to find, at least from my experience.

Below are the pictures of my meal there last year.

IMG_0417Warm Asparagus SoupIMG_0421Asparagus Mimosa – White and green asparagus with chopped eggIMG_0440Turbot FishIMG_0443Pork Chop with a lovely side of mash IMG_0448(So delicious)

SHOP: Le Cinq-Mars
SPIED AT: 51 Rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris
CONTACT: +33 1 45 44 69 13



It’s always a treat coming back to this restaurant because of their cute wall decor as well as Little Prince plates (even though we don’t actually eat from those plates) since I am a fan of the book. Little things like these always get me hooked:p


From the outside, the restaurant seems a little rundown haha, literally blink and you might miss it. Not sure if they were doing renovations to the front walls or not, the picture below was taken in June 2015 so maybe it’s done up by now. A few years back when I visited I don’t remember it looking like that but it was in the night time so I can’t really compare. But don’t worry about the exterior, when inside, the place is brightly lit, neat and cosy.

IMG_0959Screen shot 2016-06-04 at PM 08.39.21

Food wise, the restaurant is listed as a Japanese dining place but if you are expecting traditional Japanese fare you won’t find it here. I would say that the food served is more of a French cuisine with Japanese inspiration in the ingredients and concept. The staff and chef are Japanese. Overall, pricing is not cheap, but it also depends whether you are visiting for lunch or dinner.

IMG_0902Salad with Confit Duck GizzardIMG_0913A favourite – Ravioli et Croustillant de Langoustine IMG_0921Beef CheeksIMG_0935IMG_0944IMG_0950

SHOP: Les Cartes Postales
SPIED AT: 7 rue Gomboust, 75001 Paris
CONTACT: 01 42 61 23 40


Little Japan – Rue Sainte Anne

Last but not least, if like me you crave asian food no matter where you are on Earth, you will be glad to know that there is a street in Paris known as Little Japan or Asian Town. The street is packed with numerous Japanese restaurants and also other asian cuisines such as Korean and Vietnamese food. I discovered this wonderful street – Rue Sainte Anne – while looking for some food near my place of stay. Was really glad to have discovered this little japanese food haven street:) There’s only so much western food I can eat before I start craving for rice dishes!

Korean Food found in Rue Sainte Anne

Japanese fare in Kintaro Restaurant Japonaise, Rue Sainte Anne


Japanese fare in Koetsu, Rue Sainte Anne


Hope this little list of my food visits in the French Open capital of Paris will come in handy for some visitors in the city. As I write these final words of my post, the French Open Roland Garros Women’s finals between Serena Williams and Garbine Mugurza is currently underway. So I must bid adieu now. Tata!


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