A List of Yummy Cake Places in Singapore

Whatever the occasion – be it a small covert family birthday dinner, an extravagant party or a festive celebration – chances are there’s a cake in the picture.

It might not seem like it but cakes play a very prominent role in our daily lives. Besides satisfying our sweet tooth cravings, they also help us celebrate an important moment of our existence – Birthdays – as well as other momentous occasions.

Over the years, I have been blessed with family and friends who take this birthday cake mission seriously. I’ve witness a fair share of awesome cake designs as well as tasted some of the most mouth-watering flavours that have left my taste buds drunk in happiness. Being one of those who hunts for cakes myself, I can understand how brain-wrecking it can be thinking of what new cake to get each year especially if you have already exhausted your usual go-to-list. So here are some of my favourite cake places that I’d like to share with any fellow cake-loving person out there. Whether it’s for celebrating a birthday, showing mom some love this coming Mothers’ Day, or just some self-indulgence over the weekend, I hope you’ll find the list below helpful with your search for cakes in Singapore:)


Seeing your favourite hero or childhood character come to ‘live’ in beautiful 3D cake form is something magical and just brightens up the mood instantly. Even adults are not spared from this phenomenon regarding 3D cakes , TRUST ME, I’ve witness grown men going gaga when they see their Ironman and Starcraft cake;)


For customisable cakes in Singapore, I was recommended Butter Queen cakes by my friend G who usually takes charge of getting the good ol gang their cakes during their birthdays. During the gang’s birthday months, I’m always blown away by the super cute designs. Not only do the cakes look good, they taste good as well so I have to say I am a big fan of Butter Queen’s cakes.

Design-wise, you can choose from an assortment of options that are available and posted on her website. If you have something unique in mind you can also submit your designs for consultation and sketches, and the result is usually better than expected.

Taste-wise, I love the variety of options that they have:

  • Devils Double Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Red Velvet with Cream Cheese
  • Double Madagascar Vanilla
  • Yuan Yang (Coffee cake and milk tea buttercream)
  • Napolean Neapolitan (Dark Chocolate Cake and Strawberry flavoured buttercream)




SHOP: Butter Queen
SPIED AT: 150 South Bridge Road, Fook Hai Building #B1-02, S(058727)
CONTACT: info@butterqueenbakes.com



Cheesecake lovers rejoice! Cat and the Fiddle is an online cake store in Singapore specialising in gourmet cheesecakes, and boy do they really leave you spoilt for choice with their wide array of delicious flavours!

To minimise as much cost as possible, orders are placed online via their website and when ready they will be available for self-collection. A delivery option is available too but it is only complimentary for orders above $120.

The collection of cake flavours available at Cat and the Fiddle are aplenty including a few options that are clearly catered to our local taste buds. These include flavours like Milo Dinosaur, Yuan-Yang and Mao Shang Wang Durian. Other unique cheesecake flavours include Lychee Martini, Yuzu and Mango with hints of Vodka! The names of their cakes are really cheeky too, which adds to the fun factor.

IMG_5230Fickle Feline

If you are unable to make up your mind, not to worry, there is also an option available for fickle-minded people such as myself! One of their bestsellers is Fickle Feline – a whole cake made up of 10 slices, each in one of the store’s great flavours so you can try out everything:) I got this cake for Gluttonian 2’s Birthday and everyone loved it, so I think it is safe to say that you don’t need to worry deciding which flavour is tasty and which slice to pick, judging from everyone’s reaction, all of them are:)

IMG_5288Emperor’s Romance

I absolutely loved Emperor’s Romance, the cocktail inspired cheesecake of lychee and martini. This was a nice sweet taste and light on the palate, really delightful.

Cat and the Fiddle has since gone on to include a new non-alcoholic version of their bestseller called Fickle Feline 2.0.

SHOP: Cat and the Fiddle
SPIED AT: 171 Kampong Ampat, KA Foodlink #05-04 S(368330) [Self-collection]
OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Fri 9.00am to 7.00pm and Sat – Sun 9.00am to 5.00pm
CONTACT: 6287 0077




My all time favourite cake shop is this neat little gem nestled along the stretch of Mohamed Sultan Road. My mother loves this shop and always got our family cake treats from there every now and then when I was younger. That was how my love affair with The Patissier started. The shop recently underwent some revamp works and now sports a newer fresh look.

IMG_9534Snuggle – Sweet Banana and Chocolate Meringue  

The Patissier is well know for their signature Passionfruit Meringue which is really heavenly, a must try! They have since come up with even more flavours for their Meringue range of cakes such as banana+chocolate and yuzu+mango.

I also love their tiramisu, strawberry shortcake and chocolate flavoured offerings. Oh and if you like lychee, you might want to try out their cake called DEVOTION;) Overall they have a wide variety of flavours available (flavour availability might depend on the day), the quality is fresh and they taste great. But that’s not all, they look pretty too!

If you are ever thinking of dropping by to grab a slice of cake, you might not want to head down too late. Their cakes are quite popular and usually most of the options would have been grabbed off the shelf by late afternoon. If it’s late in the day, giving a call to check on what cakes are still available then would be a recommended course of action before heading down.

IMG_5329Medovik –  Honey Cake

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at PM 04.54.45 Tiramisu (this pic is a super #throwback:p)

IMG_0215Even gluttonian pooch can’t take her eyes off the cake

SHOP: The Patissier
SPIED AT: 4 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01 S(238955)
OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Fri 10.00am to 8.00pm and Sat – Sun 10.00am to 5.00pm
CONTACT: 6737 3369



This cake shop was a godsend back when I was still working in the Telok Ayer Street area. Whenever there was a colleague’s birthday, or if we needed to grab some sweet treats along to a client meeting, or if we simply needed a pick-me up during the long work day, Pantler was our go-to place. Since opening its doors at the near end of 2014, Pantler has gone on to become one of the top 3 names that pops out of my mouth whenever someone asks me where they can find some good cakes. I really love their cakes!


Simple and elegant, Pantler’s layout is minimalist and cosy. Most of the shop space is occupied by a long glass counter housing their wide array of cakes and other bakes in full glowing display. The sleek rows of beautifully crafted cakes and tarts are just a joy to oogle at, but of course you’ll definitely want to do more than just look at them;) As mentioned, the place is cosy and not big in space so seats are limited.


One of their signature highlights you HAVE TO TRY is their Choux Pastry – Chou a la Creme. It is a light and crispy pastry puff filled with cream and crunchy nougatine. It is so good! The texture of the puff together with the taste of the filling cream is just so so satisfying.

IMG_3653I am also a big fan of their shortcakes, I really love the cream they use in their cakes.  Their other signature offering is the Yatsura cake, a hazelnut cake that is also a favourite of mine. Besides their array of cakes and pastries, Pantler also serves up good coffee. In my book, it is a nice little sanctuary for the busy office working people in the area:)

IMG_0022IMG_9532Yatsura Cake – Hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate mousse and a crunchy hazelnut feuilletine


SHOP: Pantler
SPIED AT: 198 Telok Ayer Street S(068637)
OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Fri 9.30am to 7.00pm and Sat 11.00am to 5.00pm
CONTACT: 6221 6223


Flor Patisserie

This lovely cake store is located in the busy food basement level of Takashimaya. Flor Patisserie is a Japanese-styled patisserie that serves Japanese inspired French pastry and cakes.

IMG_0771Strawberry Souffle – $7.50

I love how the nature of their cakes are so tasty yet light on the palate and tummy so you don’t feel too overwhelmed after downing a whole slice. I am very much enamored by their Strawberry Souffle which is a light bake cheesecake. Delicate in richness and texture yet so delicious!

IMG_0707Wakakusayma – $8.00

If you love swiss rolls and green tea, you’ll love their creation called Wakakusayma – it is a swiss roll of honey infused green tea sponge and red bean cream. The Wakakusayma was a wonderful combination of sweet taste and soft spongey texture, together with just the right amount of cream for the right balance of moist within the sponge:p

I definitely need to go back and try more of their other cake flavours because I’m just so in love with these 2 cakes which I picked out randomly. Next time I shall give their cafe outlet at Duxton a try since that has a dine-in option.

SHOP: Flor Patisserie
SPIED AT: 391A Orchard Road, Takashimaya Basement 2
OPERATING HOURS: Mon -Sun 10.00am to 9.30pm
CONTACT: 6738 1111


Rive Gauche Patisserie


Also located at the food basement level of Takashimaya, Rive Gauche Patisserie is yet another cake shop that delivers up neat looking and tasty flavoured cakes. They have many outlets around the island and is a pretty solid choice for most of my friends when looking for a decent cake option.

IMG_0769Earl Grey Tea

These layers of Earl Grey Tea infused almond sponge sitting atop a crunchy caramel bottom was a delightful combintaion of flavours. The taste grows on you with every bite.

IMG_0716Strawberry Shortcake

Here is another Strawberry Shortcake. If you can’t tell by now, I do LOVE Strawberry Shortcakes:) Yummy.

SHOP: Rive Gauche Patisserie
SPIED AT: 391A Orchard Road, Takashimaya Basement 2
OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Sun 10.00am to 9.30pm
CONTACT: 6887 4579


D9 Cakery

IMG_9047American Cheesecake

Located inside Hilton Hotel, D9 Cakery is known as the in-house patisserie of the hotel. It is well known for its cheesecakes which is one of Gluttonian Dad’s favourites. Dining in is more expensive than take-out as I found out only when the bill arrived. Price-wise, I feel that they are definitely on the high side but the cheesecake is really as good as it’s famed reputation – rich and authentic in flavour.


At D9 Cakery, you will find what I call a sophisticated looking Blackforest cake. I’ve never seen a Blackforest shaped this way before. At first I though it was unnecessary but then later I actually thought it looked kind of cute, like a round baby chocolate blob. It certainly oozes a modern artsy vibe compared to the traditional look of most Blackforests and it did work in catching my attention. I guess nowadays its not just about being simple and making good tasting food, food aesthetics and artistry in most fine dining places have become a paramount component. But anyway looks aside, this cake was G-O-O-D. The filling was packed with rich chocolatey goodness and ‘drunk’ cherries, if you catch my drift;)

SHOP: D9 Cakery
SPIED AT: 581 ORCHARD ROAD, S (238883)
OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Sun 9.30am to 9.30pm
CONTACT: 6737 2233 (Hotel)


Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe


It is said that many have proclaimed the best Blackforest cake in town is found here at the Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe located inside the Rendezvous Hotel Gallery. Hence, when I had to search for a Blackforest Birthday cake for the Gluttonian Sis, this was one of the cake places on my try-list.


I must say that the Blackforest here really packs quite a punch in the alcoholic department. If Blackforest cakes were humans and I had to label the one here, it would be an absolute drunkard, well more specifically the cherries in the cake are the alcoholics. That being said, this could be a plus for some while a turn-off for others. It really depends on your preference regarding alcohol taste in your food.

For me, I loved how the kirsch (a spirit made from sour cherries) soaked cherries added a strong punch of intense brandy flavour to the overall taste whenever you bit into the cherry part of the cake. Apart from its distinct intense liquor flavouring courtesy of the cherries, I found the whole flavour of the cake authentic and tantalising. I loved how the cake exterior was drowned in chocolate shavings all around! My first memories linked to a Blackforest cake are the cherries and the chocolate shavings, so personally this bombardment of chocolate shavings really excited me:p

If you like a ‘punch’ in your Blackforest, this will be the cake for you. If not, you might want to steer clear. Given how Gluttonian 1 is an alcohol lover wine connoisseur, I ended up picking the Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe cake as my choice for her Birthday cake.


SHOP: Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe
SPIED AT: 9 Bras Basah Road #01-01, Rendezvous Hotel Gallery S(189559)
OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Sun 11.00am to 11.00pm
CONTACT: 6336 8675 (Restaurant)


Gluttonian 3




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