Queue For It – Mcdonald’s x Nanoblock Limited Edition Collector’s Kit

Today. Monday, 22 February 2016, 11 a.m. .

The above date and time marker denotes the launch of the Mcdonald’s Food Icon x nanoblock collaboration of their collector’s edition kit of miniature Mcdonald’s food items.

Given Singapore’s well-known penchant for going crazy over Mcdonald’s launch of collectible toy sets along with their meals – from the ‘Hello Kitty Craze’ at the start of the millennium to the fanatic queues of minion happy meal toys in  both 2013 and 2015 – one can almost be sure to expect a queue when heading to a Mcdonald’s outlet this morning to purchase the Mcdonlad’s x nanoblock Limited Edition Collector’s Kit.

True enough, there was already a queue formed at 11 a.m. when I reached one of the Mcdonald outlets nearby my house. Considering how I rank my outlet to be one of the less popular locations, I presumed that the queue scenes at other more central and crowd-heavy locations would be even more absurd. Another possible scenario would actually be empty outlets in the afternoon, because all the collector sets would have been snapped up by then given our nation’s motto of being kiasu! 😉

Mcdonald’s Food Icon x nanoblock Limited Edition Collector’s Kit – Price: $29


So after 30 minutes, I finally have in my hands a $29 Mcdonald’s Food Icon x nanoblock Limited Edition Collector’s Kit, cost excludes an additional $6 I paid for the value meal. I’m pretty pleased with my toy set as the nano sized Mcdonald’s food items are super cute and finely detailed. The collector’s kit comes in a special box and includes the exclusive Mcdonald’s Restaurant Model, the other toys included are the Big Mac/hamburger, French Fries, Apple Pie, McFlurry and a cold cup/drink. All Mcdonald’s nanoblock items are pre-assembled and cannot be taken apart, so for those who enjoy the thrill of piecing together their own blocks can afford to pass up on this.

Mcdonald’s Food Icon x nanoblock Individual Item – Price: $4


If you missed out on getting the collector’s edition kit, fret not. Starting from next week 29 February, individually sold Mcdonald’s Food Icon x nanoblock items will be available for sale. Each individual Mcdonald’s Food Icon x nanoblock food item can be purchased at $4 along with any extra value meal. There will also be a special McCafe Cup that will be sold exclusively at McCafe outlets. The McCafe cup is not included in the collector’s kit. Size wise, each food item is as wide/tall as a thumbdrive.

*Participating Locations (Source: Mcdonald’s SG)

  • The Collector’s Kit will be available in all but the following restaurants: KKH, Tampines Interchange Kiosk, and LIDO. They will also not be available via McDelivery®, Self-Ordering Kiosks, and DriveThrus.
  • Individual designs will be available via McDelivery and in all but the following restaurants: KKH, Tampines Interchange Kiosk.



So far i’m lovin my nanoblock Mcdonald’s food items and can’t wait to get a display box to showcase them in. After all there can be no greater joy for a gluttonian than to display her love of food, no? :p Lastly, I must commend the Mcdonald’s staff for their friendly and upbeat conduct in ensuring an orderly and efficient service. I must say i was surprised:) For those who have yet to collect their toys, good luck and from one Singaporean to another, happy queueing!

RESTAURANT: Mcdonald’s Singapore

SPIED AT: Outlet Locations

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