A Taste of England in Singapore – Ben’s Cookies


On 28 August 2014, a little red cookie shop opened to quiet fanfare in the basement of Wisma Atria, right smack behind a popular and long-standing Famous Amos cookie store that has since come to be pegged as a landmark of Wisma Atria’s basement landscape.

I must say, Ben’s Cookies has a lot of BALLS setting up shop right next to Famous Amos’s Wisma branch, which has long conquered the mall’s stretch of basement with its signature aromatic cookie-luring smells that have been hooking the nostrils of passer-bys, reeling them in. But the boldness is certainly paying off. When I pass by the area on the weekends, I usually see a crowd gathering round the red shop front of Ben’s Cookies. It’s been more than a month now since its opening, and only time will tell if this is truly the draw of Ben’s Cookie’s prowess or rather, just Singapore’s same old kiasu ‘Must Try New Things’ mentality;]


Ben’s Cookies is a popular chain of cookie shops established in England. Identified by its signature red shop front and cookie tins, the speciality of Ben’s cookies lies in their soft, chewy texture, a complete opposite from what Famous Amos offers. Known for baking with chunks and not chips, Ben’s Cookies have been delighting cookie lovers with its giant melted chunks of chocolate in every bite. Gluttonian 2 fell in love with the cookies while visiting the Bro and Gluttonian 1 in London back during their university days. Since then, everytime anyone visited London she’d asks us to go try Ben’s Cookies and that’s how I came to know about this charming little cookie store.



All my life I’ve been a fan of hard crunchy cookies, soft cookies never really won me over… until I tried Ben’s Cookies. I loved the texture and taste of the soft yet chewy dough and the chunks of chocolate decadence that they use in place in tiny chocolate chips, it was just so sinfully awesome:)

Each cookie costs $2.95 while a box of 5 costs $14.75. However, gretting a box of 5 allows you to grab 2 extra cookies at no extra costs, which essentially makes that 7 for the price of $14.75.

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STORE: Ben’s Cookies

SPIED AT: 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria #B1-50, Singapore 238877

CONTACT: 62355340



Gluttonian 3




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