Lobster Mania at Pince and Pints


At Pince and Pints, they are loco about lobsters. Their menu consists of only THREE dishes, all made from 1 whole lobster (well four dishes if you count the whole lobster dish as 2 types depending on whether it is steamed or grilled).


Customers get to choose among a Whole Lobster, a Lobster Roll and a Chilli Lobster for their mains and each dish retails at a standard price of $48. If you would like to try every dish in one seating, my recommendation would be to go in a large group and order to share instead of grabbing individual dishes.

Even before Pince and Pints opened its doors in mid July, there was already much buzz surrounding this humble and cosy looking little outlet situated in the heart of Duxton Road, especially on social media. If you’ve been to London and find all this sounding a little familiar, that’s because the concept of Pince and Pints seems to closely mirror that of the highly popular Burger and Lobster chain of restaurants over there. Word has been going around that Pince and Pints takes inspiration from Burger and Lobster and that they source their lobsters from the same seafood supplier too. If that is the case, then fans in Singapore of the popular UK lobster chain should have plenty to smile about now:)



I recently visited Pince and Pints for dinner on a Saturday night. I arrived at around 9.40pm and the place was fully packed and with a waiting list still! I was told that the last order was at 10pm but thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long and me and my entourage were able to get a table and order up a feast! But the one most important thing I must highlight is the strategic placement of a giant fan outside the waiting area. That saved my life (not to mention a bucket load of sweat) and made the waiting that much more bearable, nice save there Pince and Pints;)



The place isn’t very big, I would put it at about 40-50+ pax at most. There was bar seating and booth tables with retro-ish coloured red seats, I also noticed 2 aquarium tanks which was a lovely touch. I didn’t check to see if Nemo and Dory were inside though, but overall the ambience was nice for a relaxing and chill dinner session with friends.





I loved the cute little details that went into the design and characteristic of the menu. It was fun ordering from a sheet of paper housed in grilled frames resembling a lobster cage as compared to just a plain sheet of printed paper, and the back of the menu sported a graphic showcasing a lobster’s anatomy so aside to the food, you do get some educational learning here as well;]


After a quick study of the menu, we ordered a total of 2 lobster rolls, one chilli lobster (not chilli crab), one steamed lobster and one grilled lobster. Each dish came served with a side of salad leaves, yummy fries and a generous serving of butter sauce. My favourite dish of the night was hands-down the lobster roll, which was a unanimous winner among my friends as well.






The lobster roll made me drool even before the first bite. Made up of chunks of lobster meat covered in mayonnaise and served chilled in a deliciously soft yet crisp butter-fried bun, the lobster roll was simply a joy to eat, both the bun and the lobster meat! It almost broke my heart knowing that I had to share the roll with my friends since we had ordered to share. The fries were great as well, as good as my all time favourite fries – Mcdonalds ;p




The whole lobsters were decent, both the steamed and grilled ones, although I preferred the grilled style much better. There was a good amount of meat complimented with some yummy butter sauce. But other than that, nothing much to shout about.





Last but not least is the chilli lobster!!! I was really looking forward to this dish as I wanted to see how they fared in pairing a popular local flavour to a highly western lobster fare. While ordering, I had a slip of the tongue and kept referring to the dish as chilli crab to which the cheeky manager said “Sorry miss, we don’t sell chilli crab here, but you might want to check out the local seafood hawkers or marketplaces if you’re really craving for some.” At first I though he was joking with us because the dish had sold out, but then my friend just casually jumped in and ordered a chilli LOBSTER not CRAB and that’s when i had a eureka moment. Thank goodness for her or else I would have been asking for chilli crabs until the next morning! I enjoyed the chilli lobster but I believe that this dish really boils down to personal preference. I like my chilli sweet and not overly spicy which was how the chilli lobster sauce tasted, hence I was a fan. But my friends who preferred their chilli sauce more fiery were not that bowled over. Moving on, the accompanying man tous (fried buns) that are meant to be eaten together with the sauce was good as well. I wish they provided more pieces though as there was still so much sauce left over after finishing the 5 man tous and lobster meat, and I didn’t want to let the sauce go to waste. I was tempted to drink the sauce like soup but my friends held me back. For those who like their chilli sweet and tasty with a light punch of spiciness, this chilli lobster dish would appeal to you.


To sum everything up in a ‘lobster shell’, I had a wonderful dining experience at Pince and Pints. The dishes were all pretty decent but the next time I come back, I would be returning solely for the heavenly Lobster Roll as that really left a memorable impression. I do hope that the Singaporean queue craze will die down soon as I’m not the kind who would queue for hours just for a meal, and I would love to visit again soon for another bite of the lobster roll. The restaurant also boast a bar with some nifty sounding drinks like The Three Continents cocktail (American Corn Vodka, Italian Coffee Liqueur and Asian Milk), I have yet to try their cocktails yet but I’m sure I’ll be back to try some the next time round.


RESTAURANT: Pince and Pints

SPIED AT: 32-33 Duxton Road, Singapore 089496

OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Sat from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

CONTACT: 6225 7558


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