W39 Bistro & Bakery- A Delightful and Cosy Casual Dining Bistro

Yesterday, Gluttonian 2 brought the family to a wonderful little Bistro located in the West Coast area of Singapore for our weekly Sunday family lunch. For those pulling their hair out wondering where to go for a nice casual meal or a cosy chill session with friends over tea, I would recommend trying out this pleasant little bistro & bakery called W39. It is about a 15 minutes plus drive from the town area which I didn’t mind, after all it was good escaping the crazy weekend town crowd for once.


Gluttonian 2 drove us to Jalan Mas Puteh where W39 was located. We had made a reservation and a good thing too as the place was pretty popular and packed. There was parallel parking in the streets just outside the bistro so parking was not a problem. When I entered the place I was greeted with a nice cosy laid back setting, filled with wooden tables and chairs, as well as shelves with old toys of yesteryears which are sure to bring a rush of nostalgic feelings. This casual bistro & bakery offers both indoor and alfresco seating, and apparently pets are allowed too as mentioned on W39’s instagram profile.


When we received the menu my eyes lit up. There was a decently wide selection to choose from – a breakfast, tapas and main dining menu to be exact. Everything sounded so tantalizing on the menu, and there was also quite a number of coffee and drink choices. Since it was a humble looking sized place, I was expecting a really limited menu with like just 3 choices each of starters, mains and desserts to pick from and the standard drinks list like water, soft drinks and the basic coffee and tea. Hence, I was delighted to see that they had so much more to offer:)


Braised Lamb Shank and Fried Mantou




This tapas dish was my favourite of the whole meal. The mantou was a nice crisp texture on the outside and a fluffy soft crisp texture in the inside, one of the yummmiest mantous that I have tried so far. The lamb meat was full of flavour and complemented the mantou well, all of us gluttonians gobbled this up within minutes, but of course we left some for the daddykins;]

Homemade Crabcakes with Pickled Mayo


IMG_6959The crabcakes were delightful in taste, the filling of juicy shredded crab meet was flavourful and the crispy fried outer shell was a nice texture. Even without the pickled mayo dressing it was good on its own.


Chef’s Special Nyonya Mee Siam


The mee siam was not bad, gravy was tasty. The dad ordered this as he craved some local cuisine.

Sake Mussels with Fries



Gluttonian 2 ordered this for her main course. The fries were good and served piping hot, the mussels had nice texture and taste, a decent dish. Gluttonian 2 said that the one gripe she had with this dish was how small the mussels were, she was expecting much bigger mussels lol. But this seemed like a popular dish, ours was the last plate of mussels available.

Nasi Lemak with Roasted Spiced Chicken Leg



Gluttonian 1 was craving local food as well so she grabbed the nasi lemak. The waitress said that this was popular among those who have tried it. Though it may not be the best in the market, it was still well liked by their customers. I didn’t get to try it but Gluttonian one gobbled it up as she does with most foods, she said it is not bad. W39 actually serves their egg poached with their nasi lemak; they asked my sister beforehand whether she would like it fried or poached and she went with the fried one hence the fried egg in the picture above. So I guess those looking for a healthier option can go with the poached egg.

Confit of Duck Leg with Mash Potato and Salad




This was delicious! When I asked for a recommendation from the waitress she pointed out the duck leg confit, which was a popular item. Since I love ducks I went with her recommendation, and I wasn’t disappointed. The duck meat was tender and juicy while the skin was yummy and bursting with flavour – though a little fatty. The mash potato was tasty too. Overall I enjoyed this cosy looking duck leg:)




The coffee and latte here were pretty good, full of aroma and infused with great flavour. They also have iced coffee, tea and beers, plus the hot coffees come with latte art, albeit simple ones. But hey simple is beautiful, and that itself basically sums up the essence of the place. That day, there were many patrons just sitting and chatting over drinks, and I could understand how so many found this a nice place for a casual chill session since I myself was having a nice leisurely moment with my family. But WAIT! I’m not done yet.


Besides the food and drinks, W39 also has a small but inviting selection of cakes, and my sweet tooth was very pleased about that. Furthermore they had rainbow cake! I mean RAINBOW CAKE, HELLOooo… that’s essentially unicorn poop which is like the best thing in the world! Everything just becomes more sunny and joyful with a bite of a unicorn poop, I mean rainbow cake. Even my dad insisted on grabbing one for dessert, so yeah, my dad had a bite of unicorn poop;] But overall the important thing is, the cake was yummy!




Although we didn’t try the breakfast menu that day, we did see many patrons ordering beautiful and delicious looking plates of egg’s benedict and pancakes. I believe there must be a reason why the breakfast menu is so popular, hence I foresee myself coming back very soon to try it out for myself.


All in all, I thought that this place was a gem of a find. A nice cosy casual dining place with a very decent selection of mains, snacks, drinks and desserts to choose from. What’s more the taste and quality of the food was not bad, if not pretty tantalizing. Definitely, a charming little place to be at.

RESTAURANT: W39 Bistro & Bakery

SPIED AT: 39 Jalan Mas Puteh, off West coast Road, Singapore 128637

OPERATING HOURS: Tue – Fri from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. & Sat – Sun from 9 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. (Closed on Mon)

CONTACT: 9646 5372

As I stepped out of the bistro, I spotted a snoozing little cat at the front step of W39. It looked so cuddly that I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it. It might be the resident cat of the neighbourhood as I keep seeing a similar cat popping up in many of the pics on the #W39 tag on instagram. So before I sign off, I decided I shall drown you all with cuteness by ending with a picture of a cute and extremely squishy sleeping cat. Ciao!;]


Till next time… xoxo,

Gluttonian 3


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