Who Says We Need To Travel Out of the Country – Staycation at W Hotel Singapore

Having a family with entirely conflicting schedules can be tricky when planning for a family getaway, especially when one is a night owl while the other comes and goes like the wind every other month for work and leisure. To make sure that we had at least one family time together before the year ended, I decided to plan a staycation for the family last weekend. We’ve never really done this before – we usually try to get out of the country for a family holiday – but I must say that while researching and planning, it hit me that there’s been so many new hotels and resorts that have popped up over the country in recent years. Never knew there’s actually quite a number of fun places to stay and plan a fun weekend at here in Singapore! ;]


Since this was our first and also only family vacation of 2013, we decided to get a suite at W Hotel Singapore for a night. Below is a simple recap of the day, review of the room and a glimpse of the awesome buffet breakfast at the hotel:)


We stayed at the WOW Suite which came with a balcony pool, a living area with a bar top table, a dining area, a business desk area, a guest toilet and a master bedroom. The business desk area was perfect for me and my brother to plug in our laptops and engage in some counter strike action ;p

IMG_5933Living area

IMG_5953Love these funky chairs


IMG_5952Welcome fruits and chocolates and our room frog

IMG_5936Dining area

IMG_5939The Bedroom

IMG_5943The private pool located on the suite’s balcony (pretty shallow though – 0.9m), the walkway extends to the left and also behind

IMG_5944View from the top floor – the suite’s balcony

IMG_5947Failed attempt at a panoramic shot of the pool and bay view from the balcony

The bathroom had a nice tub with bath salts provided, there is also a separate shower cubicle that had different knobs for the different shower tools which I appreciated alot. At other places, I usually end up drenching myself with the overhead shower when I’m actually looking to turn on the showerhead;] But what I really loved was the cute table mirror and the shower products from BLISS:)



Hotel Facilities

The lobby where the reception was situated had a nice cosy little sitting area for waiting and lounging. Interestingly. the reception area was located on level 2. I love how it’s lit with natural sunlight from the facing glass doors overlooking the pool area.


The pool and outdoor area looked very fun and inviting. But if you are not a pool person then there really isn’t much other outdoor things to do within the hotel itself.



IMG_6086The signature candy sculpture that’s become synonymous with W Hotel Singapore – Golden BonBon by Jenkell

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at PM 12.03.59Pool side

Now on to my favourite part – The Food!



I stayed over during the weekend and got to try the amazing buffet breakfast spread that was served at both The Kitchen Table and Skirt – so you can imagine the amount of food and variety available! They had everything from freshly squeezed juice, dim sum, cheese and prosciutto, all the way to laksa, spicy dishes, sashimi and also an egg station that churns out a rainbow of egg styles including a full egg’s benedict that does not compromise on great presentation. If you are the kind who always sleeps through early morning breakfast, TRUST ME, this is one time you DON’T want to OVERSLEEP and miss breakfast!!! As long as you get your butt down by 10.30a.m. LATEST, you’ll be fine. The staff will clear everything up at 11a.m so you have a good 30 minutes to make a mad dash for the food;] By far my most favourite hotel breakfast offering in Singapore so far and the highlight of the stay. Hey, I’m a gluttonian after all remember;]




IMG_6074They had brie and my favourite gorgonzola too:)


IMG_6077Yummy French Toast!


Room Service

Ordered room service in the middle of the night at around 1a.m. . The menu looked really good but I was disappointed that most of the items were not available such as the pizzas, the steak and desserts. It was just some of the soups, local dishes and the sandwiches that were available. I am not too sure if it was because they were running full house that day and the food ran out because the menu said all day dining. Anyway, the satay was decent and the club sandwich was yummy, but super filling for a snack!




The one regret that I have is not making use of the wonderful gym in the hotel. I had planned to wake up early to hit the gym but I almost overslept. Obviously, I couldn’t miss the awesome breakfast spread so I chose food over exercise and there was no way I could gym after going into a food coma after breakfast. I did take a peek at the gym though, as it was located inside a glass facility and I managed to look in while passing by. They have so many great machines that I don’t always find everywhere, most gyms have the usual treadmills and bicycles plus a few hand machines but they always lack the good leg machines. I suffered a knee injury before so I’m always on the lookout for leg presses and sitting down hamstring curl machines and they had it there, the kind I use in my sports physio centre, so that was great. Too bad I didn’t get to try them out:(


IMG_6027IMG_6028 IMG_6026

Overall, I quite enjoyed my stay over at W Hotel Singapore. The WOW Suite did not disappoint, it looked splendid and had a great view of the hotel’s pool and the sea. The private balcony pool was definitely the cherry on the cake. Service wise, the staff were really friendly and did their best to answer any queries. Was just a little put off that they ran out of extra beds even though I did mention that I was booking the room for more than 2 people and they assured me it was fine; but in the end there was only 1 king-sized bed when I checked in. When I requested for an extra bed they apologized as they were running on full house and all extra beds had been utilized. Thankfully, the couch was big enough to sleep on.

Beyond the hotel, my family and I had fun walking along the quay side and checking out the delightful looking cafes and restaurants along the bay. We loved Kith and also Sabio by the Sea, a grill and tapas bar where we had our dinner at. We also enjoyed the proximity to Sentosa, me and my sister headed there after breakfast the next day for a luge and skyride. But boy, Sentosa is really crazy crowded on a weekend!!!

All in all, I had a great time during my stay and definitely foresee myself coming back here next time;]

Hotel: W Hotel Singapore

SPIED AT: 21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

CONTACT: 6808 7288


Gluttonian 3


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