My First Bite of Krispy Kreme Singapore


A month after its opening, I got my first taste of Singapore Krispy Kreme last week when my friends got me 2 boxes of the dreamy doughnuts for my birthday. I have to say, my eyes widened in sheer happiness when I saw the rainbow of flavours that they got me! Thanks so much Minx and pr<3  So far, I have only ever tried the original glazed flavour (apart from the time i tried a spiderman themed krispy kreme flavour in bangkok) and I fell in love with it instantly. So imagine my delight when I realised that I get to try everything else!:)


The flavours that caught my eye were the red velvet, chocolate iced with sprinkles and the cookie crunch. During the past few days, I have been going on a diabetic overdose breakfast diet, eating 2 doughnuts a day just so I can finish them all in time. I really tried but I just couldn’t keep up with the sugar overload, it was too much for a lone me to handle…although yes the sugar rush was awesome…and yes it should really come with a super sweet warning for children;] In the end I shared the doughnuts with my sister and my helpers, and seeing the joy on their faces after the first bite just makes the sharing so wonderful. I feel like singing a doughnut jingle…. am just so sugar happy right now^.^

Am actually on day 4 now and I still have 5 doughnuts left. I have to say the Singapore Krispy Kreme doughnuts are good, definitely up to standard with the outlets overseas. I really enjoyed eating them though I would have loved for the pricing to be cheaper ($2.60 each for original and $2.90 for flavoured).

Sadly, I still have yet to try the tantalizing looking red velvet flavour but it’s ok cos… … I’M HAVING IT FOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW!!;) And for those wondering what the doughnut quality and taste is like when reheated (i use a toaster oven that is set for 9 mins at 170 degrees c because I grew up without ever owning a microwave), they are as yummy as when eaten right after purchase.


Of all the flavours that I’ve managed to try so far, the chocolate iced with sprinkles flavour wins hands down. It was amaze balls and my favourite of the lot. What would make it even more perfect is if they used pink coloured glaze instead to emulate the Homer Simpson Doughnut, that would totally be the motherlode of all doughnuts!!! I hope Krispy Kreme Singapore adds that to their repertoire of flavours soon, I’d definitely buy boxes of them for friends and family!

And speaking of doughnuts and The Simpsons, I absolutely know what I WANT my birthday cake to be next year:

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at PM 11.33.35Pic source: Internet, google images


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