New Japanese Restaurant in Singapore – Sushi Kuu

Within the dapper interiors and intimate environment of posh mall, Palais Renaissance, lies a new addition to its luxury offerings. Just in late August this year, new Japanese restaurant Sushi Kuu opened its doors for business on the first level of Palais Renaissance. The pricing at Sushi Kuu is not cheap but that’s because its offerings aren’t humble either.

Sushi Kuu is a popular Japanese sushi restaurant in Hong Kong, and now we have it right here at our doorstep! I went to visit Sushi Kuu with my dad on a Sunday, but why only daddykins you may ask? Well…partly because I know my wallet alone is not big enough (YET, i’m working on that) to cover the bill so I needed dad’s help, and also because I was worried that if Gluttonian 1 and 2 came along we would over-order and I wanted to save dad’s pocket from burning a hole. So yup, it’s just me and him teehee.

To cut to the chase, I visited Sushi Kuu in September just when it was still newly opened, and though it was a Sunday it was pretty empty. I’m not sure whether it’s more popular now after 2 months, but I believe it will be because the food is pretty satisfying, especially their raw food offerings, as they are better known for. Apparently the restaurant has made same adjustments to their menu pricing as when I surfed Sushi Kuu’s facebook page, the pricing on their recently uploaded menu is different from the last time I visited. The good news is it’s for the better – cheaper! As I introduce the food that I ate below, I will indicate both the old price and the new price (in bold) so you can have a comparison.



Inside Sushi Kuu, the place felt prim and cosy. Patrons could take their pick of either the sushi counter seats, normal table seats or booth seats.  The overhead hanging lights were styled like japanese lanterns, and there was a pretty japanese calligraphy word hanging on the wall near the bar counter, i think it meant ‘eat’ or ‘food’. I thought these little details were pretty neat as they gave the modern and sleek looking restaurant a nice hint of rustic japanese feel.



When it was time to order, ol glutton me had my eye on everything but thankfully the waitress advised me against ordering my final dish as she believed it was too much for two. So in the end, I ordered the wonderful Assorted Seafood on Sushi Rice, Wagyu Beef on Rice and the house specialty – their extravagant Kuu House Cut Roll.


IMG_2377Assorted Seafood on Sushi Rice – $55 ($49)

The first dish that arrived was one of the most delicious and largest chirashi bowls I have ever tried. I would definitely recommend ordering the Assorted Seafood on Sushi Rice if you are a chirashi fan. First up, the bowl was huge. And though the raw seafood and rice only filled the centre of the bowl it was very filling. Shared this with my dad and was pretty stuffed eating half of it.




The assortment of seafood was aplenty, and the chef was not stingy with his slices, meaning they were nice and thick not measly thin. My eyes practically lit up when I saw the mixture of Ikura, Ebi (prawn), scallop, salmon, tuna, otoro, yellowtail, uni and tamago. There were also pickles and radish inside the dish. The quality of the seafood was really good and at $55, it was definitely worth every buck.

IMG_2387Wagyu Beef on Rice – $50 ($45)


Next up was the Wagyu Beef on Rice, this was nicely done but it did not take my breath away. The addition of pine nuts to the beef bowl was pleasant, it added to the taste and texture of the dish. Being a set lunch item, it came with a bowl of miso soup as well as a bowl of udon.


Though the wagyu beef did not excite me, the little bowl of udon did surprise me. It was wonderfully delicious! The noodles had a great smooth texture while the soup was a nice light flavourful stock. At the end of the meal I could not finish everything but I just could not let the udon go to waste, so I got the restaurant to pack it up for me!




IMG_2402Kuu House Cut Roll – $100 ($90)

Lastly, in true diva fashion came the star of the show – the Kuu House Cut Roll. This massive roll was filled with all my favourite (and the dreamiest) of sashimi – uni (sea urchin), toro (tuna) and ikura (salmon roe). I had a wee bit of a hard time trying to figure out how to open my mouth wide enough to dunk the whole piece in so I could gobble it down in one bite without being messy! The quality was good and I have to say even though it was extravagant, I loved it;]


This was definitely a fine gourmet experience for the japanese raw food glutton me! If you love your sashimi this place is a good pick to go. If cost is an issue, there is always the set lunch menu. The prices are more affordable and the main dish comes accompanied with soup, udon and an ice cream.


SPIED AT: 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #01-06/07, Singapore 238871

OPERATING HOURS: Lunch – 12 to 3 p.m. ; Dinner – 6 to 10.30 p.m.

CONTACT: 6736 0100


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