It’s Mooncake and Lantern Time ;]

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

Every year, I look forward to the period during this awesome festival as it means mooncakes and lanterns galore! Mooncakes are traditionally eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival hence in the past month, I have been receiving and buying so many different kinds of mooncakes that I think I’ve become rounder both in the waist and face area:( Well, that’s the price to pay for indulging.

The traditional mooncake flavours are made with a rich thick filling usually made from lotus seed paste or red bean, surrounded by a thin crust. Some mooncakes come just like that while others have a yolk or two in them, taken from salted duck eggs. On the top of traditional mooncakes, there would usually be chinese words imprinted on them denoting the type of filling inside or the name of the bakery. But nowadays, to cater to the evolving and bold new palates of modern youngsters, new flavours like champagne, durian and green tea are everywhere. Below are just a few that I’ve eaten so far this week:)



On its maiden debut in the mooncake arena comes Baker’s Well. I came across this stall at the mooncake sale fest occurring at the basement level of Takashimaya. The mini sized mooncakes looked so pretty and I just couldn’t resist stopping by for a sample, and I’m glad I did because I ended up buying some. There were a few flavours available but I only bought the Champagne Truffle and the Milk Tea flavours as they don’t come cheap – $52 for a box of 8!





This mooncake was a pleasant sensory taste. It is a snowskin mooncake with lotus filling, coupled with a kick-ass dose of alcoholic nature in its champagne truffle centre. The familiar traditional mooncake taste was there, but once you bite into the champagne truffle in the centre, the strong yet tantalizing taste of the alcohol just bursts in your mouth and awakens your tastebuds. I loved that kick of taste but some of my friends found the alcohol content in the truffle a little too strong. But overall, the combination of the taste was great and a definite wonderful little surprise for me. I also love how it comes in tiny sizes so I don’t need to be afraid of getting ‘drunk’. Why? Because I see myself popping them into my mouth like chocolate ;p







What more can I say. The pictures speak for themselves. Marriott’s Mao Shan Wang Durian mooncakes are as deliciously tasting as they look. The cold touch of the snowskin mooncake filled with its creamy mao shan wang centre on my tongue just blows my durian loving mind away:) My dad bought this box back but I had actually passed by Marriott’s mooncake stall at vivocity and tried the sample there. Honestly, the sample was super unappetizing and dull, totally not what the mooncake tasted like when I got them out of the box. I’m glad my dad bought back these wonderful durian babies back because if it were me, I would not have bought them after trying the sample at vivocity. So i guess the moral of the story is, what you see/taste might not be what you get. It could be hell worse, or it could be heavenly better;]

And not forgetting the other fun part of Mid-Autumn Festival – ThE LanTeRNs!!!


I really love the traditional cellophane type lanterns that come in all kinds of pretty colours and designs. My grandma used to buy me and my siblings one each every year and it brings back so much memories. It’s been a while since I’ve played with these old school lanterns as I have been buying either the paper ones or the electronic ones. Got Gluttonian 1 an angry bird piggy lantern last year since she’s such a pig ;p


Well, hope everyone’s having a great Mid-Autumn Festival today. I believe many in Singapore are excited and gearing up for the big weekend. Singapore’s F1 race 2013 will start tomorrow, and korean group Big Bang is performing so I expect chaos and packed crowds to the max! Apart from Big Bang, other big names like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Owl City and The Killers are just some of the acts Singapore F1 has lined up over the next 3 days.

So enjoy and 中秋节 快乐!


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