Fat Cow – A Beef-tastic Indulgence

Fat Cow is a Japanese inspired Steakhouse that serves up luxurious fares of meat to its patrons. It is known for its cuts but they do serve other dishes as well such as Chirashi, Tonkatsu and Fish. Given Fat Cow’s prime reputation for its food (esp their wagyu bowls and cuts) and not so “wallet friendly” prices, its location is somewhat unexpected. Tucked away unassumingly in plain sight at one of Singapore’s private hospitals – Camden Medical Centre – it is certainly not the first place that comes to mind when you think of looking for ‘upscale dining’ places to go to. But then again its location in the heart of the Tanglin and Orchard area is pretty convenient.


Finding Fat Cow is a relatively simple task. Upon arriving at Camden Medical Centre, one usually drops off at the lobby where the taxi stand is located. The moment you step out of your vehicle and look to the left – voila! Lo and behold, the entrance of Fat Cow awaits!

For a more affordable dining experience, I was advised by my friends to dine at Fat Cow during lunch as they have a set lunch menu with a more endearing price tag. Below is a summary of my pleasant lunch experience last week.


Inside, the ambience was nice and soothing. It was quiet inside, great for a nice quiet chill session over lunch with your friends. The restaurant had tabled seatings as well as a bar, and on the other end there were counter seats for what I presume is the teppanyaki section.


There are walls around the restaurant that doubled as sliding doors and can be slid shut, thus converting an open area into a smaller private section, and I found that a very attractive feature of the restaurant. Service wise it was up to par with expectations, we were greeted at the entrance and brought to our table with a smile. During courses the staff were always on hand to clear our plates, although they weren’t exactly efficient in setting up the towels and teas for each person. My friends came at different timings and the waiters only served the tea and wet towels after each person arrived. Some of us had towels others did not, and though six of us ordered the same dish some of us had different cutlery from the other, but overall it was not a big deal as it did not really hamper the overall experience.


When it was time to order, my friends and I all went for the meat dishes on the set lunch menu as that is what Fat Cow is famous for – their meat. Among the seven of us, we ordered the Fat Cow Donburi and the Fat Foa-Gura Don.



IMG_2256Fatcow Donburi – $38++

The first is a delicious rice bowl of charcoal grilled wagyu beef paired with an egg with a runny yolk – onsen tamago. I ordered my beef medium rare and it came out perfect.



Before tucking away at my bowl, I had a great time slicing open the onsen tamago and letting the runny yolk flow all over my beef and rice, it was just heavenly. I mixed everything together to get the rice nice and wet, that in my opinion is the best way to eat this kind of rice bowl dish:) The taste was pretty delicious, definitely a satisfying meal.


IMG_2262Fat Foa-Gura Don – $42++

The Fat Foa-Gura Don is also a rice bowl dish, albeit the sinful one. It is comprised of grilled wagyu beef and glazed foie gras, and it tasted as gloriously as it looked! The foie gras was delicious and of good quality, it did not have any stale oil taste that some foie gras at other restaurants have. I would definitely recommend this dish for the beef and foie gras lover.


What’s more, all set lunches come with a salad, soup, chanwanmushi (steamed egg custard), miso soup and dessert, pretty worth the price I would say. The chanwanmushi was good and I enjoyed the salad that came with a charming light dressing.


For dessert, we were served ice cream. It was chocolate flavoured but it tasted nothing like the usual range of chocolate ice creams elsewhere; the unique taste was interesting and pleasant which surprised me and my friends and we gobbled it up within seconds.


The gourmet experience at Fat Cow was definitely pleasant and satisfying, the wagyu rice bowls were delicious and tantalizing on the taste buds. Price wise, i found the set lunch to be quite reasonable but I can’t vouch for the a la carte dishes and the dinner prices as I have not tried them yet.

I will definitely visit Fat Cow again for round 2, and when I am ready to splurge a little more, I will not hesitate to try their saga wagyu cut, the picture on their facebook page looks so temptingly goood! And of course, the next time I’d really like to give their bar a try as well;]


SPIED AT: 1 Orchard Boulevard, Camden Medical Centre #01-02, Singapore 248649

OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Sat from 12 – 3 p.m. ; 5 p.m. – 12 a.m.


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