Les Amis Group’s Annam Vietnamese Restaurant To Close

Last Sunday, I ate at Vietnamese Restaurant Annam for lunch and was greeted by this sad notice adorning its front door:


I do not visit this place often but from the few times that I have dined there, I can safely say that I did enjoy the food very much. The Vietnamese fare being served was simple yet exotic, but overall decent and tasty, albeit on the pricey side. My favourite dishes were the Wagyu Beef Pho, the assorted entree platter as well as the pomelo, lily bulb, crab meat, fresh herbs and chicken salad. Below are pictures of the dishes that I ate during my visit last Sunday.


IMG_0936Assorted Platter – Lacy Prawn Rolls, Betel Leaf Beef, Southern Rolls Steamed Rice Flour Rolls, Prawn Sugarcanes. I really relished the assortment of this dish, everything was really good and so tasty:]


IMG_0941Char-grilled Free Range Chicken, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Fried Jackfruit, Sticky Rice Cakes

IMG_0945The crispy, crunchy exterior accompanied by the soft sticky interior of the sticky rice cakes was a pleasant experience. The rice also had a lot of flavour to it.

IMG_0944Char-grilled Salt & Chili Squid, Caramelized Mango

Annam is slated to close today, on 12 August 2013, as stated on the notice at its entrance. For those who have yet to try out this place, I do recommend you to head down and give this restaurant a final try before it says adios for good; especially so if you have the time to spare and are a lover of Vietnamese food. But if I happen to interpret the notice wrongly and they actually stop operations from 12 August onwards, then I officially bid farewell to my occasional Vietnamese food haunt in Orchard:'(

RESTAURANT: Annam Vietnamese Cuisine

SPIED AT: 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #02-11, Singapore 228208

OPERATING HOURS: Last order at 9:30 P.M.


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