Krispy Kreme Singapore Arrival Set For October

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No it isn’t a dream. THE DATE HAS INDEED BEEN SET!!

Ever since the rumours of a pending Krispy Kreme arrival in Singapore started surfacing last year, the warm fanfare surrounding the much loved overseas American doughnut franchise has since died down and gone into hibernation. However, I believe the fanfare is going to start being stirred up from its long sleep pretty soon!

After surfing the news on doughnuts online and taking a look at the front page (YES FRONT PAGE, we do love our food that much) of my nation’s newspaper this morning, it can safely be said that Krispy Kreme is INDEED coming to Singapore and it looks like the wait is short. Hurray!

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The famed doughnut franchise is expected to land in town at Tangs Orchard around October this year. Give or take, that’s a short three months from now. However, given the culture of Singaporeans and famous food brands, I would say “LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN”! As we all know how likely Singaporeans are willing to queue up for anything (e.g. Tim Ho Wan, Hello Kitty and Minion Happy Meal Toys), I would expect the waiting time for doughnuts to be crazy long for quite an extended period of time. Hence, I doubt that I will be getting anywhere near those Krispy Kreme Doughnuts till well into next year. In fact, I would be surprised if I could get my hands on the original glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnuts without queuing just two months after the store’s opening. That would be a record yet for my fellow kiasu queuing countrymen;]

On another note, is Krispy Kreme really that great? Why is there so much hoo-ha over it, after all isn’t it just another doughnut store. Well, to give my two cents worth, I had the exact same sentiments when I first heard my friends cooing over krispy kreme back during my Junior College days. I never understood why they would go through the trouble of getting someone to buy doughnuts back from overseas.


I first tried the famed doughnuts in Thailand when I visited Bangkok a few years ago. However, my experience with the doughnuts there was not great and I felt they were mediocre at best. I thought my friends had lost their tastebuds! But then again, maybe it was because i tried some fancy spiderman flavour instead of the popular original sugar glazed flavour;p On another occasion, I visited my friend in Australia and tried the Krispy Kreme there, but this time I was blown away! The sugar glazed original plain doughnut was just so heavenly and tasty. Ever since then I grew a soft spot for Krispy Kreme and have jumped on the bandwagon of the Krispy Kreme craze:)

Right now, my only concern is for the quality of the doughnuts to be on par as the original overseas locations, and most importantly – that the queues will be kept in check! Otherwise, I would rather fly to Australia than to queue for hours for a doughnut when Krispy Kreme opens its doors here in Singapore in October.


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