Isetan’s Summer Hokkaido Fair is On Again!!

One of my all-time favourite food fairs is back and it is one big CHEESY AFFAIR! The Summer Hokkaido Fair that is taking place at Isetan Scotts Supermarket is on from the 14th to 24th of June!

Located at the basement level of Shaw House, the Summer Hokkaido Fair features fares from grilled seafood and sashimi & seafood bento boxes, to takoyakis and melt-in-your-mouth japanese cheese cakes!



Ever since I was introduced to the famous and mouth-watering LeTAO  Hokkaido Cheesecake by Gluttonian 1’s friend, I have been hooked and always on the lookout for when this cheesecake is available at the fair. Their best selling Double Fromage flavour is a double layered cheesecake with fresh mascarpone and baked cream cheese. I absolutely love the full creamy and rich taste that it delivers, anyone who has any sort of liking for cheese and sweet stuff would definitely enjoy this treat. It is served cold but it is best to leave it to soften for awhile after taking out from the fridge. When it is soft, its creamy rich filling just melts in your mouth and brings you to cheese heaven (ok i might be exaggerating a wee bit). However, it is on the pricey side at $42 a box (about 310g). If you are a serious cheesecake lover and foodie the price tag won’t stop you, it definitely is worth it;] I have not been able to find this cake elsewhere in Singapore yet, so don’t miss this chance to grab these delicious cheesecake while the fair is still on.



This year, LeTao has released a new flavour – the Uji-Maccha Double – to its line which is a green tea flavoured cheesecake. There is no sampling available for these cakes so I could not try out how the new flavour fares in comparison to the original Double Fromage flavour. I will buy back a box and try it over the week and let you know how it tastes, but for now you definitely won’t go wrong with the Double Fromage flavour:) There is also a chocolate flavour available which I have not tried, but Gluttonian 1 has and she said it was ok though she preferred the Double Fromage much much more. Lastly, the sales lady introduced me to a new flavour called the LeTao Parfait Do’r Fromage. She said if I was looking for something creamier and richer and fuller in taste, then I should go for that and of course the price is also higher at $65 a box (460g), but they are currently having a promotion and are giving away a free box of chocolate with each purchase of this richer flavour cheesecake. Apparently, the Parfait Do’r is LeTAO’s 10th anniversary cheescake and comprises of 3 types of cheese – Camembert, Cream and Mascarpone. It also contains a hint of Niagara grape juice which gives it an extra hidden flavour, and it is slowly roasted by steam oven. I decided to stick to the cheaper Double Fromage, but Gluttonian 1’s friend has tried the Parfait Do’r and he gave it the thumbs up as well! So it is safe to say that it is delicious since he introduced the Double Fromage to me:)




There are also other cheesecakes and soft rolls on sale too, not to forget ramen, donsanko yaki and lots of other kinds of Japanese fare. If you are hungry and are having a blank on what to eat, you might want to head down to Isetan Scotts Supermarket and check out the food available, there is lots of sampling available! Oh and just a heads up, there is renovations and construction work going on now at the supermarket level, so Mos Burger and Pepper lunch are closed, but Sun Moulin Bakery is still having business as usual. Cheers!

EVENT: Summer Hokkaido Fair

SPIED AT: Isetan Scotts Supermarket, Basement of Shaw House,  Singapore


Gluttonian 3


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