Old School Delights Serves Up Local Recipes With a Fun Dash of Nostalgia


Tucked away unassumingly along a row of shop houses stretching across Upper Thomson Road, sits a delightful little diner called Old School Delight (OSD). The concept and idea behind this food place is very simple yet charming, especially so to a local I would say;]  Why so? That is due to the nostalgic feel of the place created by the old school themed environment inside.


Old School Delights takes the diner on a gastronomic walk down memory lane with their take on classic local recipes like Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak, Kueh Pie Ti and many more. The food is decently done and pretty tasty, certainly better than the average quality that you find at small casual eateries. But the beauty of OSD is that the whole dining experience extends beyond the food and encompasses the whole dining process, right from the start of ordering all the way through waiting.



The setting of OSD is as its namesake suggests; it resembles a classroom cum playroom, filled with tables that remind me of the old school wooden desks. The space is not that big, a pretty humble size with enough for about 30 people inside (my guessing skills come into play here ;p) and another 3 tables outside for alfresco dining. Adorning the walls inside OSD are chalkboards that are scribbled with menu selections and other related information regarding OSD, while on some tables there are little boxes containing ‘vintage’ toys that many of us used to play with back in the days – think Five Stones, Old Maid and Snakes and Ladders!





While waiting for the food to arrive, I got so occupied with these little toy gems that even when the food arrived I did not want to stop! But honestly, I could not believe my LUCK in Snakes and Ladders! I threw a series of 1s during my dice throws while my friend happily landed on all the ladder squares during her throws (see pic above)! I tell you, the dice must be rigged!! Anyway, these little toy box touches are just pure genius, so simplistic in nature yet fun, plus they amuse the grown-ups and entertain the kids. Talk about killing two birds with one stone;]




To place an order, diners are given a small portable whiteboard and a marker. They are then asked to write down their meal choices on the board. I find this option really fun and endearing as I like to draw little doodles to accompany my order, and sometimes I will leave short little messages for the servers and the kitchen crew to thank them. It really makes the experience that more fun, interactive and in my shoes, personal;]

I have experienced dining both indoors and outdoors, and I enjoyed both settings. When it is a bright and windy day, sitting outside can feel so refreshing and relaxing, it is also fun just watching the cars go by on the road. But if you are not up for the heat, I suggest sticking to indoors as the wind factor is pretty unpredictable.



And here is a treat for the true kid at heart. Childhood toys like plastic blow bubbles, paper balls and marbles are sold at the entrance of the eatery, right next to the cashier. Seeing all these long forgotten playthings really gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling, it just brings back so many wonderful childhood memories. I used to play with all these toys when I was younger, I have since lost touch with such objects. I always look forward to each visit  and just stepping inside OSD and seeing those toys just brightens up my mood instantly! The whole experience really brings one back to the days of yore, and it makes me feel relaxed thinking of those carefree days of yesteryears. There is just something about evoking the fond memories of my ‘wonder years’ and bringing out the kid in me that draws me to this eatery, but putting all that aside, the food itself is reason enough for one to visit this delightful place!


Old School Delights offers up a wide variety of classic Singaporean recipes that covers everything from drinks, snacks, main dishes to desserts and cakes. Their more popular dishes include the Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Laksa, Jumbo Otak, Kueh Pie Ti, Home-style Curry Chicken and Nasi Lemak. There are also the more western types of fare like the Hainanese Chicken Cutlet and Fish and Chips.

So far I have tried the Nasi Briyani, Mee Siam, Jumbo Otak and the Chocolate Banana Fudge cake. Their selection of drinks are great too, lots of thirst quenchers like barley, lime juice and also local brews like Teh-C, Kopi and Milo Dinosaur!




The Mee Siam was good, it had a nice flavour and the sauce was tasty. Also, they were generous with the ingredients in my opinion – a good mix of soft and fried tofu/tau kwa plus a pretty looking hard boiled egg.



The Jumbo Otak did not disappoint either. It contained a good amount of flesh and was pretty tasty.





I was very pleased with my Nasi Briyani when it arrived. I thought that OSD served a generous portion of chicken and the rice looked very pleasant and inviting. When I bit into the chicken I was overwhelmed at how yummy the chicken was. The skin was a nice crispy texture but what blew me away was how piping hot and juicy the meat was. Most of the time I either get one or the other – a juicy chicken that was cold and turning soggy, or a piping hot crispy chicken that was too dry. I really loved what I tasted in the chicken, I got a lovely crispy exterior coupled with a juicy mouthwatering interior, I just could not stop ‘kissing’ the chicken if you know what I mean;] The rice was not bad either,  but I found the curry sauce wanting, it was just normal in my opinion, nothing special.

IMG_8971(It is so juicy you can see the light from the sky reflecting off the moist bits of the chicken!)



Lastly, I had the Chocolate Banana Fudge cake for dessert. I was really looking forward to this as it sounded so good, and also because I have this thing for bananas, I just love them. However, it did not really live up to expectations. It was served warm and the chocolate fudge tasted good, but I found the cake a little too dry for my liking. There was a lot of cake and very little banana. I believe being more generous with the banana would have made the cake that much better as the moisture and slimy gooeyness of the banana would complement the dry cake texture and the sticky fudge very well. If you are looking for a great tasting banana cake, you might one to try the one at PS. Cafe, they have one awesome tasting Banana Butterscotch Cake! Trust me, you will go to banana heaven and back:)


Old School Delights is a neat little place to chill at over snacks, desserts or even drinks. It also is a great place to go to for satisfying your local food cravings given the good variety of recipes that they serve up. The atmosphere of the place with all its toys and old school vibe makes it a fun option for hanging with friends and also family, especially if you are looking for just simple local fare and a laid back yet cosy environment to dine at. Overall, I liked my experience here and will be back for more:)


RESTAURANT: Old School Delight

SPIED AT: 215M Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349

OPERATING HOURS: Tues – Fri from 11.30 A.M. to 10.30 P.M. , Sat – Sun from 11.00 A.M. to 10.30 P.M.


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