Glutton Spree at Japanese Food Fair in Isetan Scotts Supermarket

The Japanese Food Fair at Isetan Scotts Supermarket, located at the basement of Shaw House, is BACK!!!

I am a huge fan of this food fair as the offerings of assorted tidbits, fried food, braised food, condiments and much more is just so enticing! Best of all, there are samples for most of the food, and they do taste good;]

The current fair is running from the 7th to the 23rd of May. Demonstrations and sampling activities usually end at 7:00PM daily except for Fridays and Saturdays, they end at 9:30PM on those days.



On my visit down to the food fair yesterday, the first thing I saw was a host of fried and braised seafood for sale the moment I stepped off the escalator coming down from the first floor. There were tons of squid, octopus, cuttlefish, cod roe, scallop, prawns, fried softshell mini crabs and more. This area is definitely my favourite spot of the food fair!



Behind the seafood counters were miso mixes, types of pastes, marinated salmon, sardines with cod roe, mentai salad, ika mayo salad and other cold dishes.


Along other parts of the supermarket, there was also a Mini Taiyaki stand selling flavours of fish pancakes like sweet potato, cheese, chocolate and others. Dried products like seaweed, tea, stock bases and dried seafood are available too, I was generally overloading myself with everything. I also noticed that there is a new ramen counter inside the supermarket next to the chocolate and snacks section, I am not sure if it is part of the food fair or a permanent fixture but the ramen does look appealing. Sadly, I did not have time to try it out though. If you have tried the ramen do feel free to share and let me know how you find it:)

Further down the supermarket towards the exit and opposite Sun Moulin Bakery, there is a tako pachi counter selling octopus and prawn balls, it looks pretty decent and yummy. Only just a few days ago when I walked past that same spot it was a macaroon stand! I love how there’s always something new to try every few weeks in this supermarket:]

In the end, I bought myself my old favourites which included the fried scallop, sweet black soy beans, sardines and also some dried seaweeds to make delicious soup with. If you are a fan of japanese snacks and fingerfood, this fair is a must visit!

IMG_7834Sardines with cod roe – $6.80 per 100g (cold dish)


IMG_7839Deep Fried Scallop – $6.00 per 100g


IMG_7843Black Soy Bean – $7.00 per 100g (This was such a great healthy snacking alternative)

EVENT: Japan Food Fair

SPIED AT: Isetan Scotts Supermarket, Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road Singapore


Gluttonian 3


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