Mouth-watering Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

There’s much to be loved about Indonesian food, especially the rich aroma of spices and the variety of the cuisine.

Recently, I ate at a gem of a place that roused my taste buds and left my tummy fully satiated and cherubically contented. To sum it up: I was just one happy gluttonian after eating at Indochilli!

Indochilli is a nice, cosy little restaurant nestled unassumingly along Zion Road, right opposite Great World City. The location is a little confounding given the parking accessibility and human traffic rate; the row of shop houses at Zion Road sits facing a busy main road, so it is unlikely that there will be random patrons walking by unless they are specifically headed towards the area or dropping off there. On non-peak hours, parking may be less of a bother as one can just park at the parking lots along the road or at the carpark space next to the Zion Riverside Food Center a few minutes away (you’ll still have to walk a bit). However, when these lots are full one will have to park opposite at Great World City and walk all the way back to the restaurant across the road. Though it is not that far a distance from Great World City to Zion Road, I just find it kind of a hassle.


What I liked about the setting of Indochilli was its simple and traditional decor with both outdoor and indoor seating, certainly a nice place to chill and dine in. The food was your traditional styled Indonesian recipes, no fancy new exotic creations or anything, and that was what I liked about the food. The traditional styled recipes meant the focus was on the simple, rich flavours of herbs and spices which I love love love.


Before our orders arrived, we were served an appetizer of crackers and nuts. I didn’t quite like them but Gluttonian 2 and her friend both enjoyed it. I prefer my Indian papadums!;]

IMG_6372Bird’s eye view ;p




I really enjoyed my set rice dish called the Tumpeng Mini. It was nicely presented with yellow flavoured rice shaped in a cone, surrounded by pickles, potato perkedel, peanuts and the super savoury ayam bumbu rujak (chicken in wet gravy/curry). The rice was fragrant and the chicken moist and tender, covered in a spiced gravy that was to die for. It was delicious and not too spicy so even those who can’t handle the heat will be able to enjoy this. The perkedel and other sides were good as well but what I was really looking at was the SAMBAL CHILI! I’m glad to say that it didn’t disappoint and I loved it. Definitely spicy but I could handle it;] For the price and portion, the Tumpeng Mini was worth it as it filled me up quite decently.

Besides the rice set meal, I also ordered the Ayam Panggang, Nasi Kampung, Cumi Balado, Terong Balado and Kueh Lapis Legit. I know, I over ordered once again but I couldn’t help it, everything on the menu just sounded and looked so good! If Gluttonian 2 hadn’t stopped me, the list of food would have been much longer…



The Ayam Panggang was a spiced chicken with a drier gravy, it was not bad. The taste was nice but a tad too dry for my liking, I prefer my gravy wet and moist so I enjoyed the Ayam Bumbu Rujak so much more than this one. Personally, I was not a big fan of the Ayam Panggang. The Ayam Panggang looked so much juicer and mouth-watering in the menu, I am not sure if we were accidentally served a different chicken or not because in the menu the gravy was flowing down from the chicken so seductively o.0


Gluttonian 2 ordered the Nasi Kumpung rice meal. It usually comes with an omelette, urap, tempe balado, bakwan jagung, pickles and toasted coconut, but that night they ran out of bakwan jagung so Gluttonian 2 replaced it with a potato perkedel and all was good.


I love eggplants so I just had to order the Terong Balado. The dish was served piping hot and it was cooked with chili and shrimp paste. There was no gravy so the eggplant was a nice soft texture that was not soggy and one can take a nice good bite out of it. The spice level was good, not too hot yet not too tame.


If you are a squid lover then this dish is just for you. The Cumi Balado is cooked with the restaurant’s special chili sauce and the taste was full of spicy flavour. All of us cleaned this dish out pretty fast! Though I could handle the spice, it did make my nose drip.


For dessert we ordered just one Kue Lapis Legit to share as we were so stuffed by then. This layered cake was a plain and simple delight that was served warm. If you have room at the end of the meal I would recommend trying this.


I throughly enjoyed my meal at Indochili. The food was good and the service was not wanting either, we were served by friendly stuff which is always a nice pleasure to have. One sour point of the dining experience was the ordering of a cendol, it took a few reminders and checks before the dessert finally arrived (it was forgotten). But other than that everything else was pleasant. Also, the restaurant rewards its facebook fans with free treats like a drink or dessert on occassions, so if you like their page remember to check for any special treats when dining there. Currently, the promotion for their fans is a free Ice Honey Citron Tea:) Thus for affordable and good Indonesian cuisine, I believe Indochili would satisfy most.

RESTAURANT:  Indochili

SPIED AT:  54 Zion Road, Singapore

CONTACT NO. : +65 64451766

OPENING HOURS:  Sun – Thurs from 1130 to 2200h; Fri – Sat from 1130h to 2230h


Gluttonian 3


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