Sun Moulin Turtle Surprise

Nothing screams “fun” louder than a cute piece of food art.

As of late, it seems that food isn’t just for plain old eating anymore. Rather, the injection of creativity and fun into our food seems to be the trend nowadays. From fusion food, to miniature food and then latte foam art… I think bread art is catching up now:) Earlier this year during Chinese New Year, I spotted snake buns at BreadTalk.

Last week, I spotted a cute Mr Turtle bun when I made my way down to Sun Moulin Bakery at Shaw Lido, in Orchard. This Japanese bakery is located at the basement level inside Isetan Japanese Supermarket, it offers a large array of buns, breads and cakes whose rich aroma just draws you like mouse to cheese. My favourites are their japanese green tea cake as well as their strawberry shortcake.

Currently, they are having a promotion and offering these cute little Turtle buns made of matcha, melon and custard filling. The result is a really cute and irresistable looking bun! I couldn’t help myself from getting a few.

However, if only it tasted as good as it looks.

I am not sure if it was just the particular piece that I bought but I found Mr Turtle a little too dry for my liking, especially if compared to their popular soft and fluffy round buns. His arms were dry and a little hard on the outside, the shell though was more satisfying. The outer shell was coarse most likely due to it being sugar coated, but the inside was softer and filled with custard though not a lot, I would have preferred more custard to give it a better texture when biting into the coarse ‘shell’. Overall, an… iNteResTing combination.

Thus, I would say grab these cuties just for the fun of it, especially if you have little kids who will be drawn to the cuteness of Mr Turtle. But if you are looking for a really mouth-watering fluffy piece of bun, then you might want to skip this. It is at best just your average tasting edible bun.






BAKERY: Sun Moulin Bakery

SPIED AT: Isetan Building at Shaw House, Lido, 350 Orchard Road, Singapore


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