Morsels – Small Sized Kooky Creations That Tantalize The Taste Buds

Recently, I went to dine at Morsels after seeing pictures of their attractive looking food popping up on my friends’ instagram posts. I guess all those pesky smart phone photo-loving food-stagrammers (me included;p) that restaurants find irritating do come in handy after all;)

Morsels is a small restaurant situated in Mayo Street, within the area of Little India. It is a nice, quaint little restaurant that boasts a cosy atmosphere comprising of wooden chairs and tables, coupled with overhanging lamps made out of metal graters, glass bottles and tree branch like structures. These little touches give an extra pop of character and quirk to the otherwise casual and laid back feel of the place, creating a vibe that matches the ideology of their food. The restaurant opened its door early this year in January and houses an open kitchen and a bar, so those who love their cocktails can look forward to a host of kooky drinks that includes eccentric flavours like Tom Yum!

Overall, the food was pretty decent and I enjoyed the interesting ideas evident in their food creations. I have tasted better fare before but for the scale, place and price, the food at Morsels was satisfying; and it is all made from scratch! And seeing how new it is, I would say it has good potential to become much better with time through feed back and experimentation, since their food centers around the tune of fusion and unconventional creations. For now there are definitely some hits, but also misses.

My experience at Morsels started off brilliantly with a deliciously flavoured appetizer, though it did take awhile for the food to arrive given the small kitchen and staff.




The appetizer was a bowl of Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche mixed with plum and tobiko, accompanied with homemade tortilla chips. The burst of flavours that exploded in my mouth as I delivered the tortilla chip covered with ceviche into my mouth was just wonderful! There was a combination of sour, sweet and tangy that complimented each other without overpowering the individual tastes. The tortilla chips too were great – crunchy and tasty. Simply put, this dish was really a sheer delight and I would highly recommend ordering this.

Next came the main dishes. The portions here are simple and modest, enough to whet one’s appetite and fill up the tummy while leaving room to spare. Heavy eaters will definitely be starving for more with just one course, so the norm here is to order a few dishes to share, almost like how tapas works.


IMG_6500($22; Add extra Octopus – $8)

The Squid Ink Rissotto with grilled octopus and tobiko paired with salted egg sauce is one of their most popular dishes. The exotic-ness of squid ink paired with salted egg sauce was enough to make me drool just by the description. I might have had harboured such high expectations for this dish that I was left feeling a little underwhelmed after eating it. The dish was pleasant, an interesting combination but I was let down by the level of richness of the taste. The grilled octopus was good and had a slightly smoky flavour to it. The risotto was a nice sticky texture that is not too creamy and a slightly firmer al dente style. However, the taste of the salted egg sauce and squid ink felt sort of dull, it was not compelling enough in richness as one would expect from such ingredients. A thicker and more generous amount of salted egg sauce might probably bring out the flavour better. I felt that the portion of sauce was a little scarce and at best, I could only subtly taste the distinct pop of flavour of the salted egg yolk when I was expecting a bigger rush of taste. But it was not the salted egg sauce but rather the squid ink that left me wanting the most. Despite the lack of richness in the flavour, it was still a decent dish and the idea behind it is great. For those less familiar with such an exotic combination of tastes, they might find this dish tantalizing enough compared to me. Still I think a little tweak to it could make it become a real winner.



This pasta dish sure lives up to its namesake. The Firecracker Pork Pasta with habanero pesto and sour cream sure packs a punch! The spiciness is distinct but manageable, and I loved the pasta they used – Conchiglie or Seashell pasta I believe. This feisty dish will suit the pasta lover who is looking for something different.



The Butcher’s Secret, a beef dish made up of grilled bavette, pickled grapes, onion jam and chimichuri sauce, was delightful as well. The meat was a nice tender pink, and the complementing ingredients and sauce went well with the beef and was yummy on their own as well.


The house marinated Pork Belly Skewers with sweet shoyu sauce was one of my favourtie dishes of the night. The meat was just so tasty. Definitely one of the items that you should order if visiting the place.




Last but not least comes the most fulfilling part of a meal – THE DESSERT!;] My friends and I decided to try out Morsel’s very own take on the Tiramisu. Adding a fresh twist to the classic dessert, Morsels used milo powder and miso in their version creating the one and only Milo-Tiramiso! The taste was refreshing yet familiar since I grew up on milo powder (I am a milo fanatic). It was good but the alcohol taste was very strong as I dug deeper into the cake. I know some like theirs strong but I prefer my Tiramisu less overwhelming on the alcohol part. Overall, a pretty nice dessert.


In the past months, this place has been gaining popularity and given its small seating space, it is best to book in advance before coming down. Furthermore, Morsels is only open for dinner so that means shorter operating hours coupled with limited seats. Pricing wise, the food here gears towards the slightly higher side. Looking back at my time spent at Morsels, I can safely say that I had a pleasant dining experience savouring their interesting food creations. Though there were highs and lows in their dishes, I really enjoyed most of the food.

3.5 out of 5 Tummies;] 


SPIED AT: 35 Mayo Street, Singapore, s(208316)

OPENING HOURS: Tues – Sat From 1800h-2200h


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