Local Handmade Desserts at Liang Seah Street – Yummy in the Tummy

Being a glutton I certainly love my desserts because they are like the fireworks after the main event, and they are always such a delight to look forward to.

When people ask where is a good and cheap place to grab yummy local desserts, I usually hear the name Ah Chew’s being thrown up. Almost everyone knows about the stretch of food stalls along Liang Seah Street that houses the famed dessert stall called Ah Chew Desserts. I personally like going there too because it’s a cosy place to eat and chill with friends, especially during supper time as it closes late. There was once when I arrived at Ah Chew’s only to find that it was closed. Hence, I wandered further down and chanced upon another local dessert place called Ji De Chi Dessert (記得吃). I loved the desserts at Ji De Chi as well, probably more so than Ah Chew’s although some of my friends argue that Ah Chew’s is better. Both shops offer a large selection of choices, be it warm or cold desserts, snacks, rice balls and pastes; for me I feel that Ji De Chi has more exotic things to choose from and that is why I prefer it to Ah Chew’s. But I shall let you guys decide for yourselves which shop you prefer, meanwhile below are pictures of the yummy dessert selections that I have tried so far:)



The exterior of Ah Chew’s entrance as viewed from the street. This was taken when it was closed (the fateful day that led me to chance upon Ji De Chi Desserts). When it is in operation, the outside corridor will be filled with table and seats. For bigger groups and for those who cannot stand the heat, sitting indoors would be the way to go. The shop occupies 2 shops spaces but sitting is still limited due to the small space overall.


Honeydew Sago (Cold) – I love how they use coconut milk and honeydew chunks instead of blending the honeydew like some restaurants do, I do not like that as I prefer the more liquid ‘soup’ texture when drinking honeydew sago, not the blended kind with bits and pieces of melon and little juice.


Top up a dollar for an ice-cream!


Steamed egg milk custard – This was really smooth and can be ordered hot or cold. When it first arrived, I thought that I had unknowingly ordered a chanwanmushi (jap steamed egg) instead! But thankfully it did not taste like that at all. It was a pleasant, slightly sweet taste in a pudding like texture that was very smooth and yummy.



Mango Sago and Pomelo – Just like their honeydew sago, this one is just as yummy!


Black Sesame with Tang Yuan – The texture of the sesame paste was smooth, a joy to drink.



Grass Jelly with Lychee – The grass jelly accompanied with lychee was a good combination. The sweetness of the lychee complemented the plain grass jelly well.

STALL: Ah Chew Desserts

SPIED AT: 1 Liang Seah Street, #01-10/11 Liang Seah Place, Singapore




Best to come early before most of the popular selections run out for the day. Their menu also offers hot and cold cakes like durian, black sesame, yam, pumpkin and osmanthus.


Coming in a group is always encouraged because then you can order more varieties of desserts and SHARE them ALL:) And it will prevent a headache that results from having to make a single choice from all the tempting selections.



Glutinous rice balls soaked in ginger sweet soup and served with peanuts


Durian Paste – This was so tasty and good, I literally went to Durian heaven:) Best to try this last as the strong durain taste will overwhelm your tastebuds when trying the other desserts.

IMG_4562Mango Snow Ice? Forgot what this is called but it’s like Mango ice cream with chopped mango and sago pearls and rice balls, not bad. Exotic and full of ingredients.

IMG_4566Walnut Cream – So smoooooth and tasty!

STALL:   Ji De Chi Dessert (記得吃)

SPIED AT: 8 Liang Seah Street, #01-03, Singapore

OPENING HOURS: 11 a.m to 11 p.m (Sun-Thurs), 11 a.m to 11.30 p.m (Fri-Sat)


Gluttonian 3


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