Best Sour Plum Sweet Potato Fries From Hot Star!

Two months ago, my friend stopped by a food stall at Ion Orchard to buy a piece of chicken from the famous Taiwan chicken chain: HOT STAR Large Fried Chicken stall. The stall is famous for its chicken cutlets and as its namesake states, their chicken cutlets are indeed quite LARGE (it was bigger than my palm). They come deep fried and are topped with different seasonings depending on your order. The chicken cutlets are fried on the spot so you get a piping hot chicken which is a major thumbs up, a very basic detail but which most other food stalls fail to grasp the importance of and deliver on, resulting in the many ready-made-lying-there-cutlets sun-taning under hot lamps and wasting their juicy youth awayyy…  Anyway, the Hot Star chicken was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, pretty decent overall but just not my thing. I wasn’t blown away by the taste, it felt more like a piping hot nicely made cutlet. But for someone who loves her prawn paste chicken wings, popcorn chicken, crispy nasi lemak wings and drumlets, chicken katsu-don and terriyaki panfried chicken, I would safely say that Hot Star’s chickens will appeal more to those who love their deep fried cutlets.

Even though their chicken did not impress me, I soon became infatuated with their Sour Plum Sweet Potato Fries!

After that fateful day with the chicken, I thought that I would not be a regular patron of the stall since I wasn’t a fan. But then a few weeks ago, Gluttonian 2 stopped by the stall to grab some sour plum sweet potato fries and proceeded to feed me some, and from then on I was hooked! I love sweet potato fries and the ones at Hot Star have been the tastiest ones I’ve tried so far. The fries are so piping hot with a great texture – slightly crisp exterior and a fluffly soft interior. The generous amount of sour plum topping was heavenly and just oh so tasty. So if you aren’t a fan of chicken, just head down to Hot Star and grab their sweet potato fries, you won’t be disappointed:)



It taste so much better than it looks!


A word of advice: Don’t indulge cause it’s so rich and you will get a sorethroat if you can’t stop.

STALL: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

SPIED AT: Ion Orchard, Food Basement at #B4-70

PRICE: $2.80


Gluttonian 3


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