Remarkably Cute Miniature Sushi That’s Edible

Recently, one of my friends told me to try asking for mini california rolls at the Japanese Restaurant that I frequent every weekend. I was surprised at this as I have never heard of such an item in all my years of dining there. She told me that it was like the normal sushi rolls, but made to fingernail size! Upon hearing this I was so intrigued and so I made it a point to ask about these “mini california rolls” when I visited the restaurant last weekend.

When taking my order, I asked the waitress for mini california rolls and she was puzzled at my request. Then I explained that my friend had told me to try asking for it, and that it was supposed to be really tiny sushi that were fingernail sized. That was when a light bulb lit up in her head, “Ohhh, are you talking about the really tiny sushi? That’s not in the menu, it’s one of our chef’s special talent that he does sometimes. But those are very tiny and not really for eating, it’s more for looking pretty and just for show.”

I was surprised that they actually had this mini sushi thing, to be honest I thought I was going to be told there was no such thing haha. I told the waitress that it’s ok if it was just for show because I really wanted to see what this mini sushi was. She told me that only one chef did this special request so I had to ask him about it. Conveniently, I was sitting at the sushi bar so the waitress called out to the chef and he walked over. The waitress told the chef that I was asking for mini sushi and whether he could do it, he then asked me what exactly did I want. I told him that I just wanted to see what this interesting tiny sushi thing was and he chuckled. He wasn’t too busy at that moment so he agreed to make a mini sushi platter for me, I was so glad he agreed:) And since that mini sushi was not going to fill up my tummy, I order many other dishes to satisfy my hunger.

The art of making miniature sushi seems to be quite delicate and more complex than I thought it would be. My family and I had gobbled up all our main dishes and still the tiny sushi platter had not arrived, I presumed it would be the first dish to arrive. Throughout the lunch, I kept looking over to the other end of the sushi counter where the chef was, and I could see him working on something – which I presumed was my mini sushi. After forever, the tiny sushi platter finally arrived in front of me and I just couldn’t stop SMILING! It was just TOO CUTE! I was really blown away by the amount given to detail and everything looked as if it they were hit by a shrink ray!

I got served quite a diverse platter with salmon, tako, tamago and a few other raw fish sushi. Each were made using a grain of rice! I also had a serving of their famous california maki (ura maki) and handrolls, and even a blob of sashimi was spotted on the plate! True to their word, the miniature sushi was really too small to eat but I still popped everything into my mouth because they were too cute to leave wasted:)) Have a look at it below!








The restaurant in which this cute little sushi platter was created is none other than Akashi! Though pricing wise it is slightly on the higher side, I really love the food there especially the sushi and sashimi dishes, as well as the set meals. Below are some pictures of my favourite dishes at the restaurant:)


Pitan Tofu






Uni Sushi


Ura Maki



Ikura Bowl a.k.a Fish roe ( I like to call it: Finding Nemo;p )


Saba Shio Yaki


Amaebi (Sweet prawns)


SPIED AT:  1 Tanglin Road, #01-01 Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore


Gluttonian 3


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