A Grin Affair: Cakes In A Jar

Grin Affair is a lovely little place nestled inside an old HDB estate at Everton Park. The main attraction of the place is its interesting cakes in a jar which I find pretty delightful in taste! I was introduced to this place on a lazy Sunday afternoon after a filling lunch by Gluttonian 2 and her friend;]



What I loved about Grin Affair is its sassy and cheeky nature that is evident in its in-store notices and the content of their website. As you can see from their notice above, they are NOT operating as a cafe. Most of their business deals with takeaways, hence there is not much of a setting inside except for a single small table and a wooden board attached to the wall that can serve as a standing table for those who feel like gobbling up before leaving. Customers are free to linger around and eat in the store if they wish to, but majority just come, order, take and go.

The cosy and simple decor of the place – a cashier booth, cheeky notices, a pinboard of photographs as the menu, a games ticket dispenser –  gives it a charming old school vibe of a small home stall. Personally it was a nice, peaceful feeling stepping into this humble looking place in comparison to the myriad of fancy cafes located in the city areas. But then again, this place is really simple and quaint so there’s really not much you can do there after ordering your cake.




The menu consists of different flavours of handmade layered cakes in a jar. Flavours include banoffee, strawberry, durian and caramel. I ordered the Kiwi Cheese, Matcha & Azuki and Cookies & Cream flavours (not by myself of course, I shared them with Gluttonian 2 and her guy friend;] ). I enjoyed all three flavours although Gluttonian 2 and her friend weren’t too taken in by my kiwi cheese flavour. I liked it though as I thought the kiwi and soft cream layered cheese went well together, and the crunchy nuts and sweet sugar rock toppings added a nice little crunchy texture to the cake. The green tea flavoured Matcha & Azuki was nice as well, and the Cookies & Cream was a favourite among the three of us. Though overall the taste did not blow me away, the act of eating a nice simple little sweet treat in a cute jar was satisfying!




Matcha & Azuki


Cookies & Cream


Kiwi and Cheese

Green seems to be the word in this place as they emphasize reusable and recycle behaviour, which is why they use jars instead of plastic/paper holders. I was wondering how the games ticket dispenser fit in with the decor and why it was even used in the first place, but just before leaving the place I got my answer. Grin Affair awards patrons a ticket for every returned jar; so since we quickly gobbled up our cakes and left the jars at the premises, we got 3 tickets for our 3 jars. And upon accumulation of a certain number of tickets, we can redeem them for something, I forgot what it was but I am thinking a free jar of cake if I am not wrong. Being a lover of fun fairs and arcades, I really loved their ticketing system and the use of such forms of tokens. With arcades going digital with their points system, I hardly get to see these kind of tickets anymore, which is a bummer since I love collecting them as a kid.


And oh I noticed that this place got an award in 2012 from Women’s Weekly, so I’m not sure if it is just me who hasn’t heard about the place till now? I really need to venture out there more!!! IMG_5017


SPIED AT: Everton Park, Block 3, #01-77, Singapore (080003)

PRICE: $4 to 5++/jar (depending on flavour)


Gluttonian 3


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