Nook: House of Pancakes – Have Fun while Having Your Food!

Sometimes, the quality of the food isn’t everything. Simple food too can be just as nice with a dining experience that delights. Sure, a really good high star quality meal can be really fulfilling and make you feel like you are in food paradise. But nothing beats a nice COSY meal together with friends and having FUN;] With that said, I’d like to share my fun experience at Nook: House of Pancakes, where you can be the chef of your tummy’s delight.

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes… When I think of pancakes I usually think back to the days of yore when I was a little child, fingers covered in pancake mix, making a mess of the pans and kitchenware while trying to cook up a pancake storm. Fun as it was, it was also a tedious and messy process if you take into account the after meal clean-up and all, but what mattered was that I really enjoyed myself. Nowadays, time has become a luxury and I hardly bring out my pancake/waffle maker anymore. Most of my pancake moments are spent ordering my fave ol’ macdonalds’ breakfast pancakes or visiting pretty western patisserie like Antoinete. Hence, when my friend brought me to Nook’s for lunch one fine day, I really enjoyed myself with the D.I.Y cooking there as it brought back long lost nostalgic memories!

NOOK: House of Pancakes


At Nook’s, one can choose to go for the Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) pancakes set, the a-la-carte dishes, or both! The main attraction of the place is of course the experience of the D.I.Y pancakes and hence I would recommend that for first timers to the place. Located at Bukit Timah – Lorong Kilat street to be specific – Nook is located at the back of the street alongside many shop stores. It is more convenient to travel there by car I believe, as one might need to walk quite abit up into the street where Nook is after dropping off at a bus stop.


The place has a very casual and clean setting. The walls and furnishing were decked out in 3 simple solid colours of black, white and orange, making it look neat and sleek. 1 side of the wall was painted in what looked like black and white graphic art, which reminded me of street art and gifted the place a modern, young, urban punk vibe. I though it was pretty cute. There was also good pop music being played in the background which made for a good atmosphere for chilling with friends.




I ordered the D.I.Y pancake set for 2 that came with a choice of 2 types of pancake mix and 3 kinds of toppings. My friends also went for an a-la-carte dish of red velvet pancakes because we all thought that the set for 2 would not be filling enough for the 3 of us, but boy were we wrong! We were so full we didn’t even finish using our pancake mixes in the end!

For the D.I.Y pancake set, people can choose from a choice of 5 different pancake mixes – Original Butter (natural), Pandan (green), Chocolate (brown), Funky Banana (yellow) and Strawberry (pink). I am not sure if people would choose the mixes for purely the taste, but I do know the main concern for most would most likely be the colours that can be used in their pancake creations:) For me, I went with the taste so my table got the original and banana flavoured mix plus strawberries, caramelized apples and chocolate sauce for the toppings. These came with glasses of honey syrup and butter.



Overall taste wise, the pancake mix was not bad, pretty decent and quite sweet. But for the most part, all I remember is trying so hard to improve my pancake making skills try after try, but my pancake art was just hideous and so kiddy. Throughout the entire lunch, there were burnt pancakes, deformed pancakes, butterfly pancakes, a tooth (my friend’s a dentist in the making), a dog and even a skyline.

The red velvet pancake from the a-la-carte menu was good too, but not wow. It just looked very pretty in red, and sweet;] My friend also ordered their mushroom soup which was a creamy base that was white in colour, unlike most  mushroom soups that are brown in colour. And i have to say, the soup was pretty delicous.


So, if you are looking for a laid back place with decent food to eat and have fun with friends, this interactive D.I.Y pancake house at Nook’s is just the place for you. If you are not into making your own food, fret not as there are many other dishes and interesting sides to choose from as well. They include rainbow pancakes and even cheeseburger soup!

Hope those who visit the place will have as much fun as I did, and to close off this post, here is a look at the food and our creations that day:

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at PM 04.55.42










RESTAURANT: Nook House of Pancakes

SPIED AT: Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat #01-03, Singapore (598123)


(Extra non-related stuff: On the way out after our very full pancake lunch, my friends and I passed by a pet store and went in. Inside we met the cutest looking miniature poodle [apparently there’s a difference between a toy poodle and a miniature one]. His name is taro and he is just 3 months old;] )



Gluttonian 3 ❤


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