Spoilt for Choice at Au Chocolat – Chocolate, Cakes, Candies and Food!

Chocolate chocolate chocolate… who doesn’t love chocolate, it’s just such a dreamy word:)

There was a large Art Sales Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) last month called Art Stage. It is a rendezvous point for those enthralled by contemporary art, and comprises of over 130 galleries, most of which comprises of key players in the Asian art scene due to its positioning as the Asian Art Fair. I spent about 3 hours at Art Stage before I had to call it quits because of my aching knees (recently got my ACL repaired), even though I had yet to cover the entire display of exhibits. My dear friend Lyddie suggested chilling over coffee and desserts at Au Chocolat upstairs since my feet were hurting, and so began my sweet encounter with Au Chocolat:)





Upon arriving at the entrance of Au Chocolat, I was greeted by colourful decors and a very cheery setting which perked me up right away. I loved how chocolate and candies were everywhere, with boxes in bright pastel coloured packaging adorning the counters, and a whole display of bright sinful sweetness gleaming at me from behind the glass cake display units. As I ventured further in, I came across the bistro part of the place. It had a french-esque inspired setting with chairs and tables that reminded me of the cafes I passed by when I strolled through the streets of Paris last June. The ambience feels elegant yet relaxed, a good place to unwind with friends over a cup of coffee or even a full meal. The place faces the glass walls and doors of the mall, so there is always ample sunlight flowing in if the sky is not overcast, giving one a wistful feeling of being outdoors. One little playful detail I loved about the decor was the little circular train track that lined the ceiling of the place, I kept keeping a lookout for the little choo-choo-train that was running on the tracks:]






The first time I visited Au Chocolat, I tried their desserts. I was simply as happy as a little kid on candy crack as I browsed the dessert menu and surveyed the giant macaroons and cakes they had on display – there was just so many attractive choices to choose from!



In the end, I went with a cup of cappuccino, a coffee brulee mascarpone cake and a macaroon buger! Almost all their food had traces of chocolate in them, including their main dishes. The coffee brulee mascarpone cake was good, the interior was encased in a thin layer of white chocolate. And the macaroon burger really resembled a burger! A giant chocolate macaroon was stuffed with green tea sponge cake slices and strawberries as fillings, accompanied with sugar coated apple wedges at the side. The macaroon wasn’t the best I’ve tasted but decent, it was the soft texture kind and overall the combination with the crispy-on-the-outside-soft-in-the-inside apple wedges was delightful! After gobbling down all the sweet stuff, i just had no more room left to try anything else. Thus, I was already planning my second trip back to the place the moment i left. I simply had to come back and try the main courses as well as the crepes and gelato, I hate leaving things half done.






On my second visit to Au Chocolat, I starved myself during breakfast so that I would have lots of room for lunch. My lunch date was very late but knowing her well, I came prepared with a book;] So while waiting for her to arrive, I ordered a glass of hot chocolate to sip while I read the mystical fantasy Beautiful Creatures. When my friend finally arrived, we wasted no time in ordering our lunch. I was tempted by the duck leg confit while Lyddie went for the good ol breakfast favourite – eggs benedict – as I believed she wanted something not too heavy. But boy was she in for a surprise! Take a look at what appeared before us when our food came:


Lyddie was shocked the moment the tower of eggs benedict appeared before her! It was a super sinful combination of pancakes piled with beef, bacon, spinach, eggs and chocolate hollandaise sauce!!! A killer meal indeed but thankfully a tasty one. And watching the yellow yolk ooze out when the knife cut through it was enchanting as always.


As for my duck leg confit, Au Chocolat added their own special touch by making it with their own special chocolate orange sauce. The taste is unique being paired with a duck, some might not like it but I myself found it refreshing and tantalizing, so I really liked it alot. The duck leg was a crispy texture – both the skin and certain portions of the meat – just the way I like it. The meat was dark brown in colour, the result of being marinated in the chocolate sauce I believe. I had fun eating my duck leg confit because now I can tell everyone I ate a chocolate duck! The dish was also served with mashed potatoes, carrots, spinach and boiled pears, which was a nice compliment; I was getting bored with just mash potatoes being served all the time.





Besides the two main dishes, we also ordered a side of crab sliders. It was not bad, decent fried shredded crabmeat cakes and slices of tomatoes that carried a tinge of banana flavour. The presentation of being served as mini burgers was pretty cute.






Apart from the pretty and delicious food, the service was also delightful. The servers were alert and it was easy to get their attention. Also, they were cheerful and patient in taking orders, recommending dishes and explaining them to us. However, when dining at the bistro and you want to order a cake or macaroon from the confiserie section (that is not displayed in the menu), you have to go over to the confiserie section where the cakes are displayed and place your order there. After you get your order chit you can return to your table at the bistro and pass the chit to the waiter so that your cake will be served to you. Some might find it a bit of a hassle but I had no problems with the arrangement because I was happy to go over and ogle at the pretty assortment of cakes and macaroons:)


Overall, I had a pleasant and satisfying dining experience at Au Chocolat and would recommend it to any sweet-tooth loving person. The bistro also has three mascots that are featured in their drinks coaster as well as in their souvenir products. One of them is a really cute French Bulldog puppy named OO, and I am pretty sure many patrons would love to bring his plushie home:) I almost caved in and did!


Screen shot 2013-02-20 at AM 01.09.36

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at AM 01.08.39



SPIED AT: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Bay Level #01-03, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

OPENING HOURS: Sun to Thurs – 10am to 11pm, Fri and Sat – 10am to Midnight


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