Vietnamese Fine Dining

Vietnamese food is one of my favourite asian cuisine as they have so many varieties of dishes to suit my palate. Be it a simple healthy rice roll, a delicious bowl of soup or crispy deep fried rolls with tasty exotic dips to match with, I always end up bloated and happy:)

I recently ate at Annam, a vietnamese restaurant outside Shaw Centre at Scotts Road. It was a delightful experience as it has been quite awhile since I last had vietnamese food, and the food did not disappoint!


The ambience was quiet and chill, there were only 2 other groups of people when I entered, probably because it was getting late (9 plus) and a weekday no less. For a fine dining restaurant, it looks and feels pretty chill and a little cafe-esque, so you don’t need to worry about dressing up to go there. I went in wearing shorts albeit nice ones.


The service staff were very polite and alert, they greeted me and my sister (Gluttonian 1) at the door and let us choose where we wanted to set our tired bums down. For that I give them an extra thumbs up because I really hate it when restaurants shuffle you to the tiniest of tables tables just because you are a group of 2. I always order alot and table space is a very important factor to me, and if there is the space I don’t see why we can’t sit where it makes us comfortable. But take note, the waitresses are native Vietnamese (I believe) as their english was not very strong. They are able to explain the basics of the menu, but if you have more advanced question they might not be able to get you. However, the menu is quite self-explanatory so ordering should not be a problem.

My beef loving sister ordered the popular Vietnamese noodle dish called Pho. Over here the dish was served with Wagyu beef and balls, it was just heavenly for a simple broth dish. The soup was very tasty and the meat was slightly rare, just the way I liked it, as then it is not too tough. They were generous with the servings of meat so you won’t be shocked with just one measly piece decorating your soup. The noodle was a nice soft smooth texture. The garnishes of onions, chilli, beansprout and others were placed neatly on a separate plate so you can adjust the amount you want to dump over your soup.


Wagyu Beef Pho – $28

For myself, I fell in love with all the entree selections on the menu and I just could not decide on one. The price was not cheap so ordering a few was out of the question, plus i had to finish them up all by myself. Thankfully, there was a choice of a mixed platter of all the entree selections and so I went for that one for my main course. I thought it was a good deal too as each entree was about $26-28, and this mixed platter was the same price. So it was like trying all 5 entrees for the price of one;]

My assorted platter came with the paper rice rolls, prawn on a sugarcane, beef wrapped in betal leaf as well as fried prawn rolls and some others I can’t remember the name of.  All of the different entrees were really delicious! I loved the rice rolls with the shrimp and peanut dip, the beef wrapped in betal leaves was also super tasty. Just the platter alone was enough to fill my tummy to the brim.


Assorted Platter of Entree – $28



Lastly for dessert, being a fan of bananas, there was only one dish that was a no brainer for me. I went for the fried banana with coconut sauce and icecream with honey bits. This dish was wonderful and it reminded me of my other fave fried banana food – goreng pisang. The banana crust was a nice crispy texture, the banana itself was good but not as sweet as I would hope, I’ve tasted nicer ones but generally it was good. The icecream hit my sweet spot as the honey bits in it complimented well by giving it a nice tinge of sweetness as well as a crunchy texture.


Fried Banana Dessert – $9



Overall, I had a really good dining experience here with good food and good service. I really foresee myself coming back here again soon and I really look forward to the food:) One gripe I had though was that when paying the bill that day, they insisted we pay in cash as their card machine had broken down. But other than that, nothing could spoil my mood as I had just come from watching a good movie – The Hobbit.

And in my book, good food plus good movie = over-the-rainbow kind of happy:)


SPIED AT:  1 Scotts Road, #02-11 Shaw Centre

OPENING HOURS:  Daily from 11:30 – 15:00, 18:30 – 21:30


Gluttonian 3


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