A Soup in A Fruit

A fan of papayas? Then you might want to head down to Chinese restaurant Yan Ting at The St. Regis Singapore to try this out.

The Papaya Soup with Meat

The Papaya Soup comes served in a whole papaya with its flesh dug out. It is a clear based soup and there are still left over papaya flesh at the sides of the fruit that you can scrap off to eat, these are very soft and sweet. I just wish they left more flesh in there for me to dig and eat because it was simply delicious! The soup itself contains little cubes of diced duck meat with their skin attached, which added an interesting complement to the otherwise vegetarian dish. If I am not wrong there were fish maw and cumber/melon inside as well, and they all combined pretty nicely to give me a light tasting yet filling tasty soup:)

The pricing is steep though since it is fine dining, but it certainly is one of the more interesting soups that I have come across in their menu.


SPIED AT: The St. Regis, Singapore

PRICE: $25


Gluttonian 3


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