The Majesty’s Sweet Tooth

The Patissier is one of my favourite cake shops in Singapore, and it is the place I go to whenever my sweet tooth has a craving. Today I had a craving flare again, and before I knew it I was standing inside The Patissier 🙂

I picked a flavour that I have yet to try as I wanted something different. The cake was called MAJESTY, and its namesake did play a part in getting my attention. Thus, it does pay to have fun exotic names for your food! Having such a prestige worthy title, I certainly had high expectations for the ironically cutesy and simple looking cake. When I bit into the soft, tender texture of the MAJESTY, I just knew I had found a new love!

The MAJESTY is a milk chocolate mousse cake with a cream center containing chocolate croquantes balls. It’s outer shell is covered in a thin coat of cocoa powder, thus it certainly seems like it is screaming out to chocolate lovers out there. I love the milk chocolate mousse, it is not too rich so non-chocolate lovers might actually find this bit attractive. It is also not too soft to the extent that it is mushy, which is great! I like feeling something solid in my mouth hence the super mushy runny mousse are the kinds that i am not a big fan of. I like the combination of the cream and chocolate mousse, they compliment each other well and the small crunchy factor from the croquantes balls added a nice feel to the overall taste. All in all, a delightful dessert fit for a fairytale loving princess.

 Top View

Side View

Cross-section View

SHOP  :  The Patissier

SPIED AT  :  4 Mohammad Sultan Road, #01-01, s(238955)

OPENING HOURS  :  MON-FRI @ 10am to 8pm  &  SAT-SUN @ 10am to 5pm

Price  :  $7.50 (before GST)


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