Good and Decent Bites at The Olympic City – London : Part 2

Hi all! Sorry for the lag between part one and two of my “Olympic City good and decent bites” posts. I know that the Olympics is already halfway through its course but luckily there’s still more than a week left to the spectacular games, so hopefully most of you are still sticking around in the city of London to catch the remaining events; and also to continue the food hunt in London:) I fell sick the past couple of days hence had to go M.I.A and recuperate so that I can continue eating all kinds of goodies and rich food again A.S.A.P, so please do accept my deepest apologies 🙂 !

Part 2: Abeno 

For those who like things to be more hands on, then Abeno would be something right up your alley. Specializing in the Kansai style Okonomiyaki (a Japanese style pancake/omelette that contains a variety of ingredients usually based upon a theme of egg, dough and tempura batter), Abeno invites patrons to cook their Okonomiyakis themselves at their tables. Of course for the more inexperienced eaters, they can request for the waiters to give them a hand with the cooking:] There are two Abeno restaurants in London, one in Museum Street and the other called Abeno Too in Great Newport Street; the one I visisted was Abeno Too. The place itself is small and seats about four to five tables if my memory serves me well (not sure if there is an upstairs/back area with more tables), so it fits the bill if you want someplace quiet and cosy. It is situated just by the road side with the tables aligned along the glass facade of the restaurant, hence diners can enjoy the street scene while eating.

( The tables are by the glass windows so you can look out to the streets )

The Okonomiyaki here is not the best that I have tried, but nonetheless they are pretty decent. Besides Okonomiyaki, there is also a variety of side dishes and other main courses that you can choose from. These include salads, rice balls, soba (noodles), fried rice and teppanyaki dishes. Overall, the food quality here is not premium best but still adequate for a die-hard Japanese food lover like me, especially so since it is Japanese food in Europe (and trust me when I say that it is super hard to find decent and authentic Japanese fares in western countries as most have their menus and dishes westernized to cater to the taste of the people; for example a californian roll in europe is really different from a californian roll in Japan or Singapore). The fare here  is suited for casual dining and is a great choice for coming together with a bunch of friends as the hands-on-cooking adds fun and interactivity to the eating experience. Plus you can sabotage your friend’s food too by over-squirting sauce on their okonomiyaki when they are not paying attention;]

(Beef rice ball)

(Lunch Set B – Fried pork and vegetables)

Hence, if you are tired of the usual fares and are looking for something a little different and more fun for your next meal, you might want to consider heading down to Abeno with your mates! It might just be a simple Japanese pancake/omelette, but the added quirks of making your own meal on a flat metal hob in your table while dining out with friends is aplenty!

Restaurant        : Abeno Too

Address             : 17 – 18 Great Newport Road, London

Opening Hours  : Mon – Sat > 12pm to 11pm; Sun > 12pm to 10pm

Price                 : Lunch Sets ranges from £11 +++  to £20+++


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