Good and Decent Bites at The Olympic City – London

For those eager sports fans and globetrotters who will be attending the Olympics in London this month (the official games begins this Friday July 27th), I am pretty sure you guys will not be attending the games 24/7 during your time there. Let’s face it, despite the wonder and fun of the games I do believe that for the majority, some days will be spent exploring the other stuff that the city has to offer; plus there is still the very important yet simple need to satisfy your hungry stomachs everyday!  Hence, to help lessen your load of finding good places to eat during this jam packed olympic season, I shall recommend 2 restaurants that I visited while roaming the city of London back in June.

Part 1: Burger & Lobster

For me, good dishes alone do not make the cut (unless it’s a self-service place), it is the accompanying service that gives the whole dining experience of a restaurant that extra edge over its competitors. And well… for me, Burger & Lobster is that place ! This delightful restaurant cafe boasts a cosy and casual interior with very friendly and enthusiastic staff that really serve you and watch out for your every need. For example, I wanted a hot chocolate which they had run out of, but the waitress went to the bar to double check it and came back with another recommendation that was similar to what I wanted. In the end I got served a nice special cup of mocha cocoa:) And during the course of my meal, I was actually saving my drink for last but the alert waitress who spotted this came over and asked if my drink was too cold (cos i had not touched it) and offered to reheat it for me. This attention to detail really impressed me. Ok but enough of me droning on about the service, now onto the important part – the food!

If you have friends who usually take forever to decide on their choice of food, this is certainly the right place to take them for a meal. The menu is pretty simple, so much so that the food menu does not exists. It is merely written on a chalkboard at the entrance and explained to you by speech by the waitresses themselves. The restaurant serves only three main dishes Lobster, Lobster Roll and Beef Burger. I heard that the restaurant is famous for their crustaceans so my friends and I only tried out the Lobster and the Lobster Roll.

The Lobster comes either steamed or steamed then grilled; my friends went for the grilled one. The whole lobster comes served with either plain melted butter sauce or melted butter mixed with lemon at the side. If you can’t decide between the two fret not, for you can choose both. For the Lobster Roll, it is basically shreds and chunks of lobster meat slathered with a mayonnaise like sauce – but lighter and runnier – served cold in between nice soft brioche with a crispy exterior. This dish also comes served with the butter sauces if you ask for it. But one thing I have to warn you about is that gobbling down this awesome Lobster Roll may be a very delightful affair, but it can also be a pretty messy one as the bread is stuffed to the brim with lobster meat!

All three meals come with delicious crispy golden fries (taste just like the fries in macs which are my fave kind of fries) and a decent sized salad, all served together on a giant silver platter. If you are afraid that this is going to cost you a bomb since we’re eating a whole lobster, you’d be happy to know that you won’t really be burning a hole in your pocket here. All 3 main meals are priced at £20, that’s a pretty decent price by my standards for a good lobster, big chunk of sides and jolly enthusiastic service. And trust me when I say the portions are good for stuffing you, even my 2 guy friends just barely finished cleaning up their plate of lobsters!

All in all the food was delicious and satisfying, service was a delight and the place was cosy enough for chillax-ing. I do urge you to give this place a visit if you’re in London for the games:)

Mocha Cocoa

Grilled whole lobster

Lobster Roll

Melted butter and lemon sauce

Restaurant         :    Burger & Lobster

Address               :    29 Clarges Street, Mayfair London, W1J7EF

Opening Hours :    Mon – Sat –> 12-10.30pm, Sun –> 12-5.30pm (No reservations)

Price                     :    £20

[PS: Heard that there’s a new outlet at 36 Dean Street, Soho London as well]


Part 2 of this Olympic City: Good and Decent Bites will continue tomorrow, do check in for the next edition!


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