Century Egg/Pitan Mania!!!

Here are some of my favourite century egg dishes:


Century Egg tofu is definitely a must have for century egg lovers, as well as those who do not like century eggs! Though not every single one of my anti-century-egg friends changed camp after trying the dish, quite a handful actually took a liking to it.
The richness and distinct taste of the yolk is contained in the sauce which is derived from mashing the yolk till it is creamy. If executed well with the right mix of seasoning, the sauce can be sweet and Ooooo so tantalizing that it masks away the familiar ammonia smell/taste that is usually the cause of anti-century-egg folks shunning the dish. The dish is usually served cold with the sauce poured over a small portion of cold tofu, and the egg white is chopped and drizzled over the top.

The first picture at the top is served at the restaurant Akashi, located at Orchard Parade Hotel and Paragon. The texture of the tofu is not the smoothest but still good; the pieces of chopped egg white are a little chunkier than my preferred standard and are served together with crabsticks. But overall, still better than average.

The second picture is my all time favourite century egg tofu so far. It is served at Yoyogi located at Mohamed Sultan Road. The sauce is so smooth and creamy and sweet. The egg white is finely chopped and the tofu, which is hand made by the restaurant, is so smooth and just immaculate. It is this highlight that sets this dish apart from its counterparts elsewhere that are served at your average japanese restaurants; the tofu taste very fresh and feels like it melts in your mouth(ok i might be exaggerating but you can sense what i am trying to say about its texture)! The finishing touch of adding crunchy fish roes to the dish just complements the taste of the sauce and texture of the tofu.


Akashi Japanese Restaurant

1 Tanglin Road, #01-01A

Orchard Parade Hotel Singapore


Yoyogi Restaurant

33 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-05 Singapore




This dish is served as an entree at a chinese restaurant. The century egg is sliced into a few pieces and paired with pink ginger soaked in sugar and vinegar. It is then wrapped by chicken wings! The dish is served cold and the texture of the chicken is similar to that of another dish called drunken chicken. The texture of the skin is tender and smooth while the meat is firm but not tough/hard. I tried the dish for the first time today and was quite happy with what I tasted. The tangy-ness and sweetness of the ginger added a nice flavour to the century egg and cold chicken combo. Overall I would say that century egg lovers would take a liking to this dish:)

The century egg and ginger wrapped in chicken wing can be found at the cantonese restaurant Yan Ting, located at St Regis Singapore. It costs $12.



Yan Ting

The St Regis Singaproe

29 Tanglin Road

2nd Level (In the hotel lift it is labelled as Level 1U)



Gluttonian 3


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