Egg Tart Frenzy!

Found a nice little egg tart shop at the food basement of Ion Orchard Mall! It is called FANCY DELIGHT:]
Their egg tarts are pretty neat as they come in a variety of fusion and exotic flavours. Apart from the original egg tart, they also have a wide number of flavours ranging from sweet and savory like chocolate, strawberry, banana, cheese…… to the more exotic kinds like curry chicken and green tea.

The egg tarts’ crust are shaped like a little tea cup, so each portion is actually quite filling as it holds a lot of egg tart filling. I ordered one original and one kaya flavour to try and I must admit they do taste good. The surface layer of the egg tart is a little burnt, resembling the Portuguese egg tart style. I loved the texture of the custard filling, it was soft and fluffy and feels wobbly in your mouth – wobble wobble;] As for the crust, it was a nice soft crumbly texture but i felt that it did not go perfectly with the filling, a crispier more flaky texture would have been the perfect combination. The current texture of the crust resembles that of the ready to bake crust that you can get from the super market, and I feel that this kind of soft textured crust would go best with a pie or apple crumble sort of filling. But apart from that, this was a decent savory snack that satisfied my afternoon cravings.

STALL: Fancy Delight

SPIED AT: Ion Orchard,  Food Basement #B4-61 (2 Orchard Turn)

OPENING HOURS: Mon – Sun 10.30 am to 10.00 pm

PRICE: Around $1.40 (varies with flavour)

(PS: Sorry about that bite in the left egg tart, I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing a taste the moment I took it out of the bag!)


Gluttonian 3


2 thoughts on “Egg Tart Frenzy!

    • I agree I do like the KFC egg tarts as well, though i was skeptical about them at first since they are from a fast food outlet. But I was pleasantly surprised in the end:]

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