Delicious Good Ol’ Chinese Dim Sum and Food

Hua Ting is one of my favourite and most frequented Chinese Restaurants, been visiting the place every now and then for my weekend family lunch date. It is located at Orchard Hotel and serves Cantonese cuisine. Although the food is on the pricier side, the food quality and taste are really good. Below are the pictures of the meal I had at the restaurant last weekend:





Mango Chicken Tart (popular item)


Vegetable Scallop Dumpling


Mushroom Vegetable Dumpling

Steamed Custard Bun (Contains a mixture of salted egg yolk in the filling, it’s just “Melt in your mouth Heaven”! Though I have to admit it is not the best steamed custard bun that I have tried, but it was still very yummy.)



Sweet and Sour Fish


SPIED AT: Orchard Hotel Singapore, 442 Orchard Road

PRICE: Dim Sum – Ranges from $4-5 plus a basket depending on the dish(can’t remember for now, will check back in my next visit). But the good thing is that the dim sum are priced per individual piece, so if you need to order for say 4 people (one basket = 3pieces) you can just add one more piece to the basket.


Gluttonian 3


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