Sweet Orange Delight

One of my favourite foods is sweet potato, I love them boiled/baked/fried/steam/toasted…. they’re just so good on their own!

While mugging super hard for exams last term, my friend came over with a bag of sweet potato fritters to boosts my spirits and I fell in love with them instantly! After finding out where she got them from, I have been snacking on the little sweeties now and then and I haven’t gotten tired of them one bit. Today after school, I happened to pass by the stall again so I treated myself to a bag of piping hot orange goodness:]

The sweet potato fries are pretty tasty, especially when you eat them immediately while they are still piping hot, oozing a fresh delicious appealing aroma and are crispy on the surface. The sweet potato fries are served in a bag and sprinkled with plum powder, adding a touch of tangy sourness to accompany the sweetness of the sweet potato. I think the plum powder goes well because being a carbohydrate, eating stick after stick of potato can be quite filling. And the tanginess of the plum powder helps to counteract that feeling of fullness abit. Though I wouldn’t say that this is the best sweet potato fries I have ever tried, it is certainly not bad and is a good buy considering its cheap price – which is the same as that of a pack of medium macdonald fries.

STALL: Ke Kou Wei

SPIED AT: Plaza Singapura Basement 2

PRICE: $2.80

( Another place where I have had good sweet potato fries is at House @ Dempsey located at 8D Dempsey Road:] )


Gluttonian 3


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